Tourist destinations

The tourists visiting the North East Region of Romania have at their disposal a great variety of fascinating destinations which, without doubt,  deserve to be seen.

In the county of Botosani, for example, the tourists can take advantage of a very varied offer of destinations: very well conserved natural reservations, religious places, such as monasteries and churches that have inside their walls the spirit of founders such as Stefan cel Mare si Sfant (Saint Stephen the Great) or Petru Rares or the memorial houses of important names of the national culture, such as Mihai Eminescu or George Enescu. You should not miss from the tourist route a destination such as the Church of Saint Nicholas of the locality of Popauti, erected in 1496 by Stephen the Great or a famous monastery such as Cosula, founded by Petru Rares in 1535 and which shall put you in front of an authentic monument of Moldavian Medieval architecture. But, the most important spiritual building in the county is the Monastery of Vorona situated at 23 kilometres from the city of Botosani. The nuns monastery, which includes now three churches, has been erected since 1600.

Suceava is maybe the most important county from the point of view of the destinations that have to be pointed out on the travelling map of any tourist. With not less than seven monasteries entered in the UNESCO patrimony, Suceava reveals to the tourists true architectural treasures, one of a kind in the whole world. Near Gura Humorului you can find the Monasteries Voronet and Humor, both representing unmistakable reference points due to the mural paintings which have no chromatic equivalent in any other part of the world.

Still in Suceava medieval fortresses resisted during the times, such as the Citadel of the Throne or the Scheia Fortress and the sites of Straja and Voitinel can reveal objects of Palaeolithic and Neolithic. In Radauti the tourists can visit the Museum of the Bucovina Popular Techniques, and not at last, in Vatra Dornei you can admire the exhibits of the Ethnographic Museum.

Among the many tourist destinations of the county of Iasi there is Ruginoasa, locality in which you can find the Palace of the Ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The Palace, which initially was the property of the Sturdza family, is since 1804 and it has been built in Neo-Gothic style. Still in the Iasi county, Cucuteni is other important destination where you can find details on a culture with an impressive antiquity which has existed on these territories 6,000 years ago and you can admire the famous ceramic artefacts of Cucuteni. Also, Miroslovesti is an interesting destination for the tourists that shall discover here the wood church which has as patron, the CuvioasaParashiva(Saint Parascheva of Balkans).

The salt town, or Targu Ocna, represents maybe the most interesting tourist destination of the Bacau county. The visitors shall be fascinated by the salt mines, which as a matter of fact have given the town a fame. The area of Valea Muntelui of Bacau county is in the same time an obligatory destination of the tourists, passionately fond of gastronomy, the region being known for its particular culinary specialities. Valea Muntelui is famous also for the talent of the popular artisans who create maybe the most beautiful artisan objects, including the popular sheepskin coats.

Besides the Ceahlau massif which dominates the county of Neamt and which the fabulous landscape recommend it to anyone visiting the region, Bicazul, respectively the dam with the same name, is other important destination that the Neamt inhabitants are promoting. The Bicaz dam is one of the biggest of our country with a height of 127 meters.

Still as tourist destination to recommend is also the Natural Park of Vanatori Neamt near the town Targu Neamt. Here, the tourists have the occasion to admire live the symbol of Moldavia, the Aurochs, but also other rare species of wild animals.

Maybe the most beautiful building of Vaslui, The Mavrocordat Palace has been built in 1892 and almost perfectly conserved. For the tourists visiting the county of Vaslui, Husi can be also an interesting destination. Here you can find the Wine Museum where the travellers can find out about the most interesting aspects related to the noble drink, can admire over 20,000 bottles of old wine since 1949 and can participate in wine tasting.

In the county Vaslui there are also more vestiges, such as Arsura Thracian – Getic Fortress and the Bunesti Fortress, place where an impressive Getic Dacian thesaurus has been discovered.