The “Zestrea” (Dower) Festival of Folklore and Traditions starts on 3rd of September

The “Zestrea” (Dower) Festival of Folklore and Traditions of the county of Bacau, being at its second edition, starts on 3rd of September, and the participants shall be able to admire popular costumes and shall be able to listen the folklore music.

The festival begins with the parade of the popular costume in the city of Bacau at 15.30, than the wedding procession of the folklore ensemble “Ca La Noi”, but also the  sub-ensembles participating in the festival.

From 16.30, at the culture house Vasile Alecsandri, the Mayor of the city of Bacau shall open the festival.

Among the participating popular music singers are Mariana Lungu, Anton Achitei, Oltita Todirca, Nicu Chirita, Mihaela Iordache, Vasilica Tataru Nastase, Maria Tataru and others. The guest of honour shall be the ensemble “Syllogos Rahis Pierias”, of Greece.