General Terms
The terms and conditions of the utilisation of the site (herein called “Terms and Conditions”) determine which are the conditions in which any person may visit or access the site www.infoturism-moldova.ro (herein called “Site ” and/or “infoturism-moldova.ro”) or may use in any way the services offered through the Site (herein called “Serviciile Infoturism-moldova.ro”) and has the value of a convention concluded between the Infoturism Association, in its capacity of holder and administrator of the site and of  provider of the Services Infoturism-moldova.ro, and any person visiting or accessing the Site or who wants to use in any way or effectively uses the Services Infoturism-moldova.ro (herein called “User”). The non acceptance of these Terms and Conditions or of any provisions of such implies the obligation of the respective person to immediately stop from accessing the Site, and the access and /or use of the Services Infoturism-moldova.ro, and also of any component of such, is a whole and unconditioned acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and of any provisions of such.

Materials and information accessible through the Site
The content, design, the graphic elements of the Site, including but without limitation to such, all the content in text format and also the technical sources of all the present and future services and facilities, except for the case in which other owner is expressly mentioned, the sources of the pages but also any other material, transmitted under any form by and/or to Users (by direct view on the site, by newsletters etc,) belong to the Infoturism Association and represent the Content of the Site. The Content of the Site, regardless the area in which it is on the Site and regardless the type, can be exclusively used on personal purposes by displaying on the screen of a personal computer or of other electronic device of displaying a web page and/or by printing/downloading, on personal and non commercial purpose of certain documents or information explicitly appointed in such purpose, under the condition of keeping unaltered all the elements which refer to the rights of intellectual property, copyrights  and the conditions of utilisation of the respective information. Any utilisation of the Content of the Site in other purposes than the personal ones, can be done only with the written, expressly and prior assent of the Infoturism Association and under the conditions exclusively established by the Infoturism Association. It is prohibited the copy, reproduction, publication, transmission, selling, partial, whole or modified distribution, made on an internet site or in any other part, of the Content of the Site or of any part of this Content done in other purposes than the personal and non commercial one. The Infoturism Association reserves the right to bring to justice any person and/or entity who infringes in any way the above mentioned provisions. The applications for the utilisation of the Content of the Site in any other purpose than the personal one can be done at the address: Bucharest, Bd. Pierre de Coubertin, nr.3-5, Office Building, room RA , ground floor, 2nd district, or by e-mail to the address office@asociatiainfoturism.ro. Any person who sends in any way information or materials to the Site undertakes not to be detrimental in any way to the copyrights and also to any other rights of intellectual property that a third person should invoke related to the materials and information sent in any way to the Site, and the persons sending information or materials in any way, understand  and accept that the infringement in any way of this obligation can not undertake the responsibility of the Association Infoturism, but only the responsibility of the respective persons.

Limitation of liability
The Infoturism Association does not undertake the liability and does not implicitly or expressly guarantee for the Content of the Site, for the content offered by its partners or by the Site users. The Infoturism Association shall do all the reasonable diligences to insure the accuracy and the trust in the Site and shall try to correct the errors and omissions as soon as possible. Although, the Infoturism Association is not responsible for inadvertences,  errors or omissions in the information provided by the commercial partners of the Infoturism Association and/or by Users  and also for the correctness and exactness of this information. The Site’s Users expressly agree to hold harmless the Infoturism Association against any legal or extra-juridical action resulted following  the incorrect or fraudulent utilisation of the Site. In case of Force Majeure, the Infoturism Association and/or the operators, managers, employees, branches, subsidiaries and its representatives are totally exonerated from liability. The cases of force majeure include, but not limited to such, errors of operation of the technical equipment of Infoturism Association, lack of operation of the internet connection, informational viruses, unauthorised  access to the Site’s systems, operation errors, strike etc. The users agree to  protect and insure the Infoturism Association and/or the operators, managers, employees, branches, subsidiaries and its representatives against any request, pretension, action, constraint, losses, damages, costs (including but without limitation to, the lawyers’ fees), costs, trials, decisions, fines, regularisations or other obligations resulted or related to any other action of the User in connection to the utilisation of the services Infoturism-moldova.ro or any other aspect related to the  Services Infoturism-moldova.ro.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions
The Infoturism Association has the right to modify in any moment and in any way, any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or all the Terms and Conditions, without any prior notice and without being obliged to comply with any formality toward the Users. Any modification is totally and unconditioned accepted by the Users of the Site by the simple utilisation or access of any facility offered by the Site or by the Services Infoturism-moldova.ro or by accessing the Site, occurred anytime after the operation of the modification, and the non acceptance of any modification implies the obligation of the respective User to immediately stop from accessing the Site and /or the use in any way of the Services Infoturism-moldova.ro.

Applicable Law. Conflicts
The rights and the obligations of the Users of the Site and of the Infoturism Association, provided by the Terms and Conditions and also all the legal effects the Terms and Conditions produce shall be construed and governed according to the Romanian law en force. Any conflict resulted from or related to the Terms and Conditions  shall be resolved by the Romanian competent court of law from the territorial jurisdiction  of the city of Bucharest.