Events with seasonal character

In the Moldavian towns of the North-East of the country, many cultural and artistic events take place, most in closed relation to the Romanian traditions. The feasts, the fairs and the festivals bring exhibits of musical instruments, decorations and artisan products, traditional food and music and dance shows. The events are dedicated to adults, but also to children.

The Fair of Popular Artisans of Vaslui is an event that brings together the popular traditions and artisans from all the country’s regions. The visitors of the fair discover here details on the pottery art and wood sculpture. Among the exhibits you can find Nisporeni ceramic pieces, decoration on sackcloth, peasant’s sandals, peasant’s belt, string knits and other pieces of the universe of the popular arts. The 2011 edition is scheduled for the beginning of September, in the Copou Park.

The Days of the Vaslui City represent one of the most important events of Vaslui. The event brings a very diversified program: sport activities for football fans, tennis or chess, music and dance shows, fashion shows, contests, lights shows and shows for children, museum visits and others.

The “Multicolor” Festival takes place in Iasi and is an open air film and music festival. At the festival, 10 cultures are promoted through events dedicated to the public. The events take place in parks, esplanades and streets, as many people can participate. The festival has as purpose the intercultural communication.

The “Cătălina” Folklore Festival for Children and Youth represents an event with tradition in Iasi. The event takes place in the centre of the town and brings together folkloric ensembles arrived from different regions of Romania. The festival is conceived as every ensemble “fights a duel” with the others, in regard to the popular costume, customs, music and dances specific to each of them.

The International Festival of Film of Iasi is one of the most important cultural events of Iasi. The festival promotes the cinematographic art sustaining the independent films and the author ones. If you participate in the festival, you shall have the occasion to see movies either in the conventional area of the cinema hall either in original areas, such as the cine-tend.

The Photo Marathon of Suceava is an event-contest, dedicated to the photos fans, both professionals and amateurs. The event is scheduled as a photographic race in which the contesters have to deliver the jury a certain number of photos, on different themes, in a certain period of time.

The Collectors Fair  is other important event of Suceava that lasts two days long. The exhibitors bring old pieces, with historical and personal importance, interior decorations, furniture and stories on ancient times.

The Festival of Folk Music Bands and Fanfares is a traditional event, hosted by the Museum of the Bucovina’s Village of Suceava. The event has appeared after a concept belonging to Grigore Lese and Marius Tuca. Here, at the festival you can see shows of fanfares from different regions of Romania.

The Stephen the Great Medieval Art Festival is one of the most beautiful events of historical and cultural kind that take place in Suceava. The visitors can assist to scenes belonging to certain historical moments of the 15th century. The festival brings together characters in costumes, shows of folk music, sport contests such as a tournament or archery.

The Enescu – Moldavian Orpheus International Festival, that takes place in Bacau, is at the 32nd edition in 2011. The city of Bacau attracts musicians of Romania and countries such as Germany, Austria or Italy to one of the most famous cultural events. In the program you shall find recitals, chamber concerts and symphonic concerts.

The Folk Music National Festival for children and youth of Botosani is in 2011 at its third edition. At this event you can see recitals and contests.