The North East Region of Romania holds the perfect resources for the nature exploring lovers: the mountains (the East slope of the Oriental Carpathians) the gentle hills (Sub-Carpathians) and the high plateaus (the Plateau of Moldavia) have  a varied beauty, unique in the world.

Every year, the mountain massif Rarau-Giumalau of the Suceava county attracts a large number of tourists who want to go hiking thanks to the varied natural landscapes and the existence of the two important tourist centres at the periphery, Campulung Moldovenesc and Vatra Dornei.

The region makes available many tourist routes networks marked to all the directions, without restrictions, as it makes possible the complete knowledge of the natural environment. There are three convergence points of the  marked routes, which give the visitors the possibility to chose the preferred variant to follow.

For example, for the locality Slatioara, there are two routes to follow: Slatioara-Codrul Secular Slatioara-Saua Ciobanului-Cabana Rarau (3 hours, red triangle) or Slatioara-Codrul Secular Slatioara-Popii Raraului-Saua Ciobanului-Cabana Rarau (3 hours, blue cross).

For the departure point of Campulung Moldovenesc (East), the variants are either Cheile Moara Dracului – Saua Ciobanului – Cabana Rarau, Izvorul Alb – Paraul Limpede – Saua Ciobanului – Cabana Rarau, or Dealu Bodea – Poiana Sihastriei – Cabana Rarau, 3 hours and a half.

The Calimani Mountains has as important tourist attractions the Pietrosu Peak(2102 m) and the meteorological station, where the landscape of the Transylvania Plateau is delightful.

The available tourist routes are varied: Vatra Dornei – Poiana Spanzului – Buza Serbii – Poiana Runc – Neagra Sarului; village Dorna Candreni – Moara Dracului – village Saru Dornei; village Neagra Sarului – Reservation “12 Apostles”  Tamau Peak – the stream of Haitii – under the Peak of Pietrisorul – Caldarile Nordice – Seaua Negoiului – the Peak Retitis – Iezerul Calimaniului – Gura Haitii.

The mountain massif Rodna-Ineu, situated at the North West border of Bucovina, is the ideal destination for the off-road sensations lovers. They have available two routes on which you can arrive to the destination Lala Lake (2000 m), a very picturesque area. Other natural attractions are the Pietrosu Peak (2303 m) and the Ineu Peak(2279 m).

In the county of Iasi, you should not miss the Terraces of Bahlui of the Moldavian Plain and the hills of Repedea, Breazul, Caprita, Cetatuia, Copou, Humosu, Ciric and Galata.

Other special natural destinations are the Terraces of Siret  near Pascani or  Dealul Mare near the town Harlau.

In the county of Botosani, the  hiking lovers can go on the Siret Hills where is situated the interfluve of the rivers Dracsani and Sitna. In Dorohoi, the plain Jijiei Superioare-the  Bour Hills are true pieces of Heaven, and on the hill “Masa Talharului” (the Robber Table) there is a natural reservation of grit stones and lime stones.

Other important point is the Crivat  Hill(315 m altitude), from where the river Miletin springs, which accompanies many famous monasteries of Botosani: Agafton, Popauti – Botosani, Vorona, Sihastria Voronei, Cristesti, Zosin – Baluseni, Cosula, Oneaga, Cozancea-Sulita and Bals (Frumusica) – Storesti. From here, you can go hiking to other monasteries (round trip) along the affluents channels.

The county of Neamts rouses the interest to the hiking lovers thanks to the Massif of Ceahlau, where 7 tourist routes are arranged and homologated. Three of these are: the Cottage of Izvorul Muntelui – Poiana Maicilor– the Dochia Cottage; Bicazul Ardelean – Telec  – Curmatura Stanile – the Dochia Cottage; Village Neagra – Curmatura Varatec – Poiana Maicilor – the Dochia Cottage.

In the city of Vaslui the main natural attractions are: Movila Burcel, at 25 kilometres from the city, where a valuable botanical reservation, including over 270 flora species, especially Pontic, rare species for the Moldavian flora; the Puscasi lake, situated on DN Vaslui – Bacau, upon the entrance to the commune of Laza; the forest reservation ,,Padurea Badeana” of Tutova.

In the county of  Bacau you can find routes to the Mountains of Tarcau, Ciucului and Nemira from the cities of Bacau, Comanesti, Darmanesti, Slanic Moldova and Targu Ocna.

For the bicycle trips there are many proposals for off-road routes. For the  county of Iasi, for example, you go from the Barnova Woods –Unions House – right on a forest road at 500 meters after the Motel Motel-Raul Dobrovatului-Gara Dobrovat-CUG.

In the county of Bacau, in the region Valea Uzului, you can follow the forest roads. From the pass Ghimes-Faget to the North, you can arrive to Tarcau or the Red Lake.

The county of Neamt, Ceahlau region, offers the route Durau – Izvorul Muntelui – Bicaz – Bicazul Ardelean – Stanile – Durau. The routes of Ceahlau have connections to the Bicaz Keys.