Almost in every county of the North  East region of Romania you can find tourist, recreational or balneoclimateric resorts. Most of the resorts of this region can welcome their tourists in any period of the year, some being recommended also for the winter sports.

In the county of Iasi there are two resorts that can be loved by the ones wanting to relax or improving the health with the help of balneary therapy. The Nicolina resort is recommended to the tourists seeking a oasis of silence and relaxation, but especially to the ones suffering from a series of affections. Of course, the most important card of the locality is the water which has special therapeutic qualities, well known in the specialty treatment. Strunga is other balneoclimateric resort of the county of Iasi, consecrated for its healing springs.

Bacau is one of the most famous tourist and balneary resorts of Moldavia. We are talking about Slanic Moldova, town situated at 84 kilometres away from the city of Bacau, in a gorgeous region, at the altitude of over 500 metres. The resort is not a seasonal one, which makes it wanted in all the four seasons. Considering that the first springs (covering a very large range of therapeutic properties) have been discovered and homologated since 1800, Slanic Moldova became an unique brand in the naturist therapies.

Situated at a distance of 33 kilometres from the city of Suceava, the town of Gura Humorului gained the fame of climateric resort after 1850. Gura Humorului is the destination preferred by the tourists wanting to benefit of the very pure air of this region and about which it is saying that would have beneficial effects on the nervous system. Still in Suceava there is also the famous Vatra Dornei, a complex resort where the tourists can combine the purely therapeutic activities with the recreational ones. Vatra Dornei is one of the places preferred by the active tourists, practicing mountain sports, including mountain biking and river rafting. More, in the winter time, in Vatra Dornei there are tracks for amateur skiers but also a track dedicated for cross country skiing.

Durau, Oglinzi and Baltatesti are three of the most important tourist resorts of the  Neamt county. Each of them offers the clients different possibilities of relaxation and spending free time. The Baltatesti resort, situated at 34 kilometres from Piata Neamt, is famous for its climate free of excessive temperatures and for its extremely rich range of therapeutic services. The tourists accommodated in the Baltatesti resort can organise mini trips to the monasteries Agapia and Varatec, which are situated nearby, can visit Humulesti, respectively, the memorial house Ion Creanga, but also the Neam Fortress.

At only 3 kilometres from Targu Neamt, the Oglinzi resort is actually in the middle of the woods, which makes this place able to give the tourists that almost therapeutic silence. To this detail is added, of course, the indisputable effect of the specific therapies and which are based on the particular healing qualities of the water of this region.

From all the resorts of the Neamt county, the Durau resort is situated to the highest altitude – almost 800 metres. The resort is different from the others from the county, especially due to the fact that the tourists arriving here have at their disposal many ways of amusement and relaxation. And because the fauna of this place is very rich, the resort is extremely wanted for hunting.

Baile Dranceni is a resort in the county of Vaslui recommended especially for the persons with rheumatic affections. Situated in the commune with the same name, the resort is situated at 75 kilometres from the city of Vaslui and it is appreciated for its mineral springs with therapeutic effect, for the treatment with hot baths, but also for the bio-climate beneficial for the health.