Outdoor activities

The North-East Region of Romania offers spectacular attractions, where the tourists can spend their free time in a pleasant and relaxing manner. The mountain paths, the winter extreme sports, the recreational flying, the fishing or equitation are only a few of the activities that you should not miss.

Also the mountain resorts of this region are proper for skiing and other winter sports. On the lakes and rivers of Moldavia, you can go boating, mini cruises but also sports dedicated to the ones who want an active vacation, such as rafting.

The Iasi inhabitants can spend their free time away from the city noise, in the Ciric recreational area. Situated at 1 kilometre from Iasi, the recreation area on the Ciric lakeside offers many modalities to spend the free time.

On the lake you can go boating and there are special places for swimming and fishing. The outdoor sport fans can practice field tennis, equitation and biking.

For the fishing fans, around Iasi, there are many ponds where the fishing is done in an organised manner. The Ciric, Copilasu, Cotu Morii, Halceni, Harmanesti, Jijioara Movileni, Scheia or Tautesti ponds are ideal places to practice fishing, but also for relax.

The horse base of Iasi organises horse riding lessons, and if you are here you can participate also in demonstrations with the eight horses of the racecourse, holders of many prizes.

The extreme sensations fans can practice also the paragliding. In the commune of Popricani you can practice this sport during the whole year, the meteorological conditions being very good.

In the cold season, in Iasi the ski track is opened on Sararie. It has 400 meters length and has also a sliding track.

In Neamt, there are many ways to spend your free time. The fishing fans have many ponds and lakes where they can practice the sport fishing. You can fish on the Lake Izvorul Muntelui, Lake Zimbraria, Lake Balta Porcului, Lake of Simionesti, Lake of Danaila or the Pond Unghi.

At 10 kilometres from Targu Neamt there is the Horses Deposit of Dumbrava, known as the Herghelia Mariei Sale(Your Highness Stud). The steeds deposit has been built on the place of the ex stables of Stefan cel Mare(Stephen the Great) Now, here you can walk by carriage, and horse riding  lessons are being organised for adults and children.

Stiil in Neamt, there is also the Virgil Barbuceanu Horse Base, one of the most beautiful in Romania, situated at the bottom of the Cernegura Mountain. Here you can go on recreational walks with the horses  or carriage and you can take horse riding lessons. The small ones can ride ponies.

At Bicaz, on the Lake Izvorul Muntelui there is a recreational area for tourists. Here you can rent boats, motor boats and water bicycles and mini-cruises are organised with the passenger boat. Here, recreational walks to the tourist sheepfold are being organised.

In the cold season, in the Neamt county you can practice many winter sports, on the two racks on the Cozla and Durau mountains.

In the Suceava county, the hiking fans can choose the Vatra Dornei resort as their vacation destination. This region of Romania offers many activities to spend your free time. Here you can go ATV riding, biking or carriage back. The extreme sensations fans can try the paragliding and the rafting on the whirling waters.

In the cold season, the ski track of Vatra Dornei is one of the most appreciated in the country, Besides skiing, here you can practice also other winter sports, such as snowboarding.

Recently, in the city of Suceava a recreation divers school has been opened. The lessons are done by one of the fewest professional divers in Romania, authorised by  NAUI.

In Bacau, who wants to spend a whole day full of adventures, can try the karting track. The Selena karting track of Bacau is one of the most performant of Europe, being ideal for the organisation of international competitions. Here, daily karting walks and lessons are organised for the ones who are interested in such activities.

Still in Bacau flying lessons and recreation flying are organised. The flying lessons are done by professional pilots who bring you to the flying secrets. Also, the flying school offers the possibility of recreation flights with ultra light motorised airplanes.

Slanic Moldova is other tourist resort of the Bacau county, one of the most beautiful destinations for holiday. The main activities in this region are the mountain paths. The tourists who choose this modality of spending their free time have the occasion to admire the many attractions, such as the national parks or the natural springs. Here you can also go biking or ATV riding.

The town of Campulung Moldovenesc offers you the possibility to do many hiking and walks on the Rarau Mountains. The tourists can relax and spend pleasant moments in a spectacular natural environment.