Organizing holiday

One of the most spectacular regions of our country, the North East region of Romania, is definitely a holiday destination that you should not miss. Full of historical monuments of an inestimable value and beauty, bathed by the waters of the Siret and Bistrita rivers and limited by the Prut river, the North East region deserves to be visit regardless the season.

A holiday in the North East region of the country is an original experience, a periplus between the traditions and customs of the place, and also an opportunity to admire an amazing landscape and to make an incursion on the past of the Romanian territory.

The tourists interested in a vacation, or a short trip, in the North East region of Romania, can choose a visit in the main towns of the region or the localities with status of tourist objective or even a combination between the two categories. The accommodation in the region, based on the visited attractions, includes staying at hotels, motels, board and lodging places, villas, private persons or even monasteries.

In the county of Bacau, the main tourist regions are Slanic Moldova, Targu Ocna, Poiana Sarata and Poiana Uzului, but also the county seat, the city of Bacau. The county of Bacau is famous for its diversified landscape, the balneary resorts and its historical or art monuments.

The Slanic Moldova balneoclimateric resort is one of the main attractions of the Bacau county, being famous for its mineral springs. So, a vacation in Slanic Moldova has to include the visit of the mineral springs area but also of the park or keys and of the city waterfall, the last two being part of the „300 stairs” route.

Regarding the accommodation, Slanic Moldova offers you the possibility to stay in two up to four stars hotels (Hotel Coroana 4*, Hotel Flora, 2*, Hotel Euro Vacanta 3*, Hotel Dobru 3*), villas, pensions or private persons. The prices are between tens lei up to hundreds.

A tasty meal can be served at one of the town’s restaurants, among which Crama Voinicului, Mudirul Rosu, Slanic, Expres, Stefanel and Select Pizza Place or the Slanic Moldova Trout Place.

The county of Iasi, with a rich cultural and artistic patrimony, is other ideal destination for vacation. The tourist arrived here should not miss the visit in the city of Iasi, and also the trip to the reservations and springs of Repedea or the vineyards of Cotnari. The accommodation in the city of Iasi, capital of Moldavia, can be done at prices between about lei 75 lei and lei 300 per night, in villas, boarding houses or hotels.

The Suceava county is full of monasteries, offering the tourist the possibility to practice winter sports, hunting or fishing. A legendary region, the Dorna area includes the famous monasteries Voronet, Humor, Moldovita, Sucevita, Dragomirna and Putna. The accommodation can be done inside the monasteries, in boarding houses or private persons. The access is facilitated by the over 1000 km of national roads and also 430 km of railway.

The county of Neamt is other region of the North East which is proud of having a particular view and many tourist attractions. Among the most important attraction points, we can mention the towns of Piatra Neamt and Targu Neamt, the balneary resorts Baltatesti and Oglinzi, the Durau resort and the impressive monasteries of Neamt, Agapia, Secu or Varatec.

Regarding the possibility of accommodation, the Neamt county has 15 hotels, 120 boarding houses and 50 cottages.

On its turn, the county of Botosani is full of vacation destinations, having a high tourist potential.  Having plenty of religious buildings, such as the Saint Nicholas, Church, the Armenian Church, the Agafton Monastery or the Cosula Monastery, the county of Botosani has also reservations and monuments of nature, such as the woods Ciornohol or Vorona, and also the Peat Bog of Dersca. Still in the county of Botosani there is also the locality of Cucuteni, the place where human settlements since Palaeolithic have been found.

A vacation in the city of Botosani can suppose accommodation in hotels, boarding houses or private persons, from about lei 50 lei/night up to about lei 170 lei/ night.

The county of Vaslui is not so rich in tourist attraction as are the other areas of the North East region of the country, but it is proud of  particular historical places and monuments, ethnography and popular art. In the city of Vaslui you can visit the ruins of the Royal Court and the Saint John Church and also the monumental complex of the High Bridge, near the city. Other important destination in the county of Vaslui is the town of Husi, famous for its vineyards and the quality of the vines manufactured. We should not forget about the Mavrocordat Castle, built at the end of the 19th century.

The tourists interested to visit the county of Vaslui in order to benefit of its attractions have at their disposal the railways transportation and also the roadway, on the national road  DN24 and the European road E 20. The accommodation in the town of Vaslui  shall be done in hotels, motels, villas or boarding houses.