Wood Art

Wood Art
Cimpulung Moldovenesc


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The wood art is important in the Campulung Moldovenesc region, being a trade taught from ancient times and transmitted from generation to generation. This profession is so worship that, in 1967, the ex Museum of Ethnography has been transformed in the Wood Museum.


The museum is in centre of the town. Its denomination is one quite strange, being the only one of this kind in Romania, but extremely valuable, due to its very old parts, of an inestimable culture, which talk about an unwritten story of the Romanian traditions.


Once you arrive there, you will see around 15,000 exhibits in more than 20 different halls, Constantin Branescu and Ion Stefureac being the ones who put in order all these collections. The Museum represents an evolution of the wood working, from the simplest forms to the most complex ones, the objects fully showing the talent, but also the emotion and sentiments of the people artists who were capable to create such a thing.


There are also some sketches, so you can see how determination, thinking and scrupulosity there is behind a “banal piece of wood”, how an ignorant could consider a delicate sculpture.


Besides the impressive gates, objects of decoration, for domestic use, cradles, and other beauties, you will discover also much more practic objects made of wood, such as ploughing, pitchforks, baskets or chests of drawers (in which the not married girls put blankets, textures, special cloths and other such things with which they were to enter the new home).


Generally, the exhibits are since the 18th –19th centuries, being an universe of the tradition and making you proud to belong to such a talented, creative, innovating and sensitive people, because only persons with such a special soul could work such beauties with their own hands.


The objects are made from different essences, different forms and motifs. You will see cups with aspect of bird, spoons, pieces of furniture, but also an exhibition in open air, where you will be astonish by the wood massiveness.


For the chess fans, in the museum courtyard, there is a huge table, with pieces representing Romanian fairy tale personages in natural size.


More, the wood enthusiasts, can learn how to create  some simple objects from the institution’s employees. You will be surprised to see how hard is to obtain relatively simple objects from a gross piece of wood, and than you shall appreciate more the work of the popular artisans.


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