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The Wisent is an impressive animal due to its grandeur, more likely worthy of a carnivore, that in the past you could see it everywhere and for a while it was even on the coat of arms of the Moldavia Principality. Unfortunately, they have been excessively hunted and now only a few exist only in reservations.


In Romania there are only four wisents reservations. One of them, there is at Vanatori, in the Neamt county. You can visit it if you go to the North of the county, near the national road 15.


The „Dragos-Voda” reservation belongs to the Natural Park of Vanatori Neamt and it has been established in 1968.


Even in Europe, this reservation is among the few that can be proud of being dedicated to the protection of the remarkable wisent.


Having such a description, is obvious that it has a lot of visitors from Romania but also coming from abroad.


The reservation has a vast surface of over 10,000 hectares and is the home of six wisents. The story of the wisents of Vanatori is attractive for tourists and begins in 1970 when the first three “important” wisents appeared from Poland.


The intendents remember that they called the wisents with names starting with R initial: the male Rarau and the females – Roxana and Raluca. Than the first baby wisents kept the tradition receiving the names of Rosina and Roco.


But the wisents planned an escape plan in August ’75. They broke the fence and run away. Only after three weeks they have been found either on the Braileanca peak or the Grajduri glade and with huge efforts they have been “convinced” to return to the reservation.


Subsequently, five more Soviet wisents have been brought, who received more funny names: Metocika, Meringhia, Mexicana, Medalist and Mentol.


Let return to the present. Now in the Dragos-Voda Reservation only 6 wisents, two males and 5 females are living with the sole purpose in their life to attract tourists.


There are also many more others (more than 20) in the acclimatization park which has 180 hectares and it is surrounded.


In the Natural Park of Vanatori-Neamt there are four protected areas, and the wisents reservation is only one of them.


Now the reservation became quite a Zoo because here there are also harts of all kinds, foxes, bears, wolf and hares but these are not enjoying the protection and fame that the wisents benefit. Also some ponds are arranged with various species of fishes.


As an original detail: you maybe remember the film “Fratii Jderi” (the Jderi Brothers) of 1974. Well, some sequences of the film have been filmed in the “Dragos-Voda” Wisents Reservation of Vanatori-Neamt. The director Mircea Dragan loved the region so much that he returned to shoot again also Stefan cel Mare – Vaslui 1475.


The visiting hours are every day between 8-18, the summer and during winter, only till 16.

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