Vama (ethnographic centre)


Elements of folklore and folk art

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A part of the life of the ancestors and the way in which they expressed the artistic feelings can be discovered in the Vama commune of Suceava.


Who shall enter this locality, of Suceava county, shall have the occasion to visit the exhibits of wood sculpture or the workshop of eggs painting of Letitia Orsivschi.


To arrive to the ethnographic centre of Vama you should find on the map Suceava, Gura Humorului or Campulung Moldovenesc. The access road is E85, recently rehabilitated, so the drivers shall face no difficulties.


Once you arrive there, you shall be pleasantly impressed by the mountain landscape, surrounded by woods, but also by the fresh air.


The name of the locality comes from the past, because, here it was the border between Moldavia and Maramures, but, meanwhile it was in Bucovina, region famous for its monasteries.


Here, the tourists can admire the wood sculptures which have form of icons, portraits or just show every day life scenes. If you go to Vama do not miss the eggs painting workshop of Letitia Orsivschi, famous for her technique of applying six coats from the special paint, on the delicate shell of the eggs.


At the inhabitants you can see the popular costumes, some inherited from grandparents, and other being recently manufactured. During the weekend, here is the market of animal breeders but here you can buy also animal products.


During summer time you can buy forest fruits from the children staying on the side of the road, happy for earning their own pocket money.


Still in the Vama commune, you can relax in the recovery centre of Brazi, administrated by the Istrate family. The building has been erected on the mountain, at only a few meters from the woods , so you can benefit of fresh air, healthy food and you can go hiking.


You can also chose for accommodation the board and lodging places from the region, which satisfy the clients tastes: from four stars to one star.  For the pious or “holly” interested persons, the monasteries of Moldovita and Voronet, or of Gura Humorului, at a few kilometres from Vama can be visited.


Still nearby, you can find also the  Rarau peak, you have to drive more than 20 kilometres up to Campulung Moldovenesc. You can choose also the recreation centre of Gura Humorului, so, the opportunities are multiple for all the tastes and ages.


The Vama locality is a tourist point  of Romania you should not miss.

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