Uzului Valley

12 km Dărmăneşti


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Uzului Valley is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Bacau County belonging to Darmanesti town, but according to those who dared to traverse it, by foot or by car, it is in decay for many years because there is no drinking water and electricity.


The Uz River which crosses the valley is quick mountain water. The man has put a block in its way and thus another attraction of the valley appeared – Poiana Uzului Reservoir, which is part of Nemira Natural Reservation.


With the equipment brought from home, you can enjoy hikes, climbing, camping, paragliding, ATV rides, mountain biking, photo hunting, fishing and hunting.


The water of Poiana Uzului located near Salatruc town was developed in order to highlight the hydropower potential of the area. In addition, the lake provides the water supply for neighbouring villages.
The lake began to form in 1972, behind the 80 meters high dam. Nearly five kilometres long, the lake is 500 meters altitude from the valley. Measured maximum depth reaches 75 meters.


In this picturesque lake live various fish species, so it is an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts. A fee has to be paid to be able to stay on the lake and try your luck, but fans will not regret it because the fish is abundant.


As useful information, the left side is rough and not recommended for hikes or family fishing, as there is the risk of accidents for children.


The passionate fishermen sustain that Uzului Valley is a place where you can stay for a week and fish in all the ways without getting bored. The lake has carp, pike, and trout.


If fishing is not your strong point, you will dare to go through some of the mountain routes offering spectacular views.


Here are a few routes towards Ciucului Mountains: Podul de Piatra (the Stone Bridge) – Darmanesti, Podul de Piatra – Uzului Valley (village), Poiana Uzului Lake –Nasolea Mare Cascade, Poiana Uzului Lake – Obcina Laposu Peak, Poiana Uzului Lake – Muierusu Peak.


You can also climb to Nemira Massif on one of these routes: Poiana Uzului Lake – Fantanii Peak– Lemnia (village), Poaia Uzului Lake – Nemira Mare Peak, Poaia Uzului Lake – Nemira Reservation, where many other routes begin, Poiana Uzului Lake – Farcu Peak, Balatau Lake, upstream – Nemira Reservation.


Uzului Valley is not exploited enough from touristic point of view. Generally, only people from nearby who have heard about its beauty come in this area.


Accommodation for tourists is few and has appeared after the Revolution, while the road is a stress test for cars and drivers.

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