Toşorog Cave


Geomorphological elements

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Situated in the North East of the Hasmas Mountains, at about 28 kilometres from town of Bicaz, on the territory of the commune Bicazu-Ardelean, the Tosorog Cave is the ideal destination if you are passionate about speleology.


Situated at 965 meters altitude, the cave is locally called also Jgheabul cu Gaura (Hole Footpath) developed in cretaceous conglomerates and has the aspect of an underground labyrinth.


The Tosorog Cave is 423 meters long, holding the record for the longest cave made of conglomerates in our country.


The path to the cave starts from the last building of the Telec village. First, you have to follow the direction of a footpath slightly visible on the left of the road.


Before entering effectively on the mountain path, properly marked leading to the cave, you see a sign.
From here, the path leads you through a raspberry bushes where you can meet the bear and in a glade it forks. You take the right to go to the cave, the road than turns still to the right and in 10 minutes you are there.


You enter very easily in the first two halls of the cave. From here, be aware! To continue the path, you have to cross a 4-5 meters hole where you need insurance techniques (the more indicated is rope binding) because you can easily sleep due to the humidity from the walls.


The Tosorog cave is a challenge even for the most adventurous tourists. You do not need to know only to go hiking to visit this cave, you need help with experience in speleology and this because it can be very difficult to cross.


The wells, the tunnels and the galleries are very low (under one meter height) and due to this reason, you can visit only certain paths. More, the cave is not electrified, so do not forget to take a lamp with new batteries in the bag.


Being extremely difficult to be seen, the Tosorog Cave can not be put in a tourist circuit and promoted as such.


But it is worth mentioning that here lives a colony of bats, from a kind in course of disappearance. And here they are in danger because their preferred habitats from the cave are being gradually destroyed.


Unfortunately, many tourists who do not know to pay respect to mountain where they are only guests, have destroyed stalactites and stalagmites and have written their name on the limestone walls and even made the fire in the cave. More, the authorities did not give more importance to the Tosorog Cave, no measure of protection and/or conservation has been taken.


Although, it deserves to be visited, with specialised help and ignoring such unpleasant aspects.

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