The Ştefan cel mare (Stephen the Great) County Museum

Ştefan cel Mare


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I do not know how you are, but, I when I go to a city I have to know its history too, not only of the pubs, but the real past. Except for FC Vaslui, many Romanians know nothing about this city – Vaslui.


Other aspect about we have learned is Penes Curcanul, which within the contemporaneous mental limits, this, till you find the real story of Penes Curcanul at the The Ştefan cel mare (Stephen the Great) County Museum of Vaslui.


If you arrive to town, you should go also to the museum, even you should consider a lost of time, maybe you will succeed to achieve something in the cultural bag. Passing over the futurist – communist  of the museum, inside the history embraces you easily and surrounded you with knowledge that should stuck on any small synapse.


Divided on several sections, the Museum of Vaslui keeps you by surprise( a pleasant surprise you may say) with exhibits that it has behind the transparent windows. Each has its story and its piece of history.


The traveller remains slightly fascinated by the information that tries to put in the brain and stops before a military uniform (not only the girls are attracted by uniforms). Actually, we are talking about the jacket of the Colonel Eugen Linde, commandant of the “Racova” 7th Regiment nr. 25. Maybe the name and the rank tell you nothing, but for the Vaslui inhabitants is a hero, the ones under his command participating in the battles of Marasti, Marasesti and Oituz in 1917.


And if it at the end, we did not forget the legendary hero, Penes Curcanul, on his real name, Constantin Turcanu. I know, I know, and you the ones who knew nothing about him, you still think to a drumstick. Well, Penes Curcanul was something that before, you can call a real Romanian soldier. He was a gendarme. One who died for his country.


The medieval history is much  more captivating, this if you shall want to be lost among artefacts and old coins from when the ones in circulation in Romania, had actually a value. If Schinetea or Baltati do not tell you anything, maybe the coins and the silver objects that have been found there will enlighten you a little. There are two thesaurus of he 15th and 16th centuries.


The  Museum has also collections of old history, popular art and contemporaneous art and you find it in the Independentei Square, near the city hall and court of law of Vaslui.

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