The Sf. Ioan cel Nou Monastery

Ioan cel Nou

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The monasteries situated in the North East of the country are well known for their beauty and for the special feelings they inspire. It is also the case of the Saint John the New Monastery of Suceava.


It has as Patron the Saint George and it started to be built by the Bogdan III –the Blind, son of Stephen the Great and completed by Stefanita in 1522.


The Church is located on the Ioan Voda cel Cumplit Street, on the road to the Suceava Fortress.


In the first part of the 17th century this place was the seat of the Moldavian Metropolitans and now hosts the Archbishops of Suceava and Radauti.


In the church erected in triconch plan you can find the relics of the Saint John the New, brought by the ruler Petru Schiopul (Peter the Lame). This was actually the purpose of the place, because the people coming to pray to the relics were much too many.


On the coffin where are the relics of the Saint John the New, there are 12 silver plates put on a cypress wood, these being the most valuable objects of the monastery.


Besides the history of the constructions, to a church is important also the painting, and this has been done during the period of Petru Rares. It is not known exactly who has done it at the beginning, but, one hundred years ago, a painter from Vienna has restored the drawings from the walls of the place of worship.


Other important part of any monastery is the steeple. The one from the Saint John the New Monastery has been made during the period of Petru Schiopul (Peter the Lame), and in the 20th century two more levels have been built.


Continuing your visit to the monastery you arrive to the Paraklesis. Its construction has been achieved by the Metropolitan Anastasie Crimca, in the 17th century.


As any Romanian monastery, also here there was a thick stone wall surrounding the religious place. These walls have been demolished but in the last century other new have been built, but much smaller.


And if you are in Suceava, you have to visit also the Bust of Ciprian Porumbescu and the house in which he lived, the monument of the heroes of Burdujeni, the Union Monument, the huge egg from the Citadel of the Throne, the statue of Petru I Musat, the statue of the Pope John Paul II, the bust of  Mihai Eminescu or the one of Mihai Kogalniceanu. And if the Monastery of the Saint John the New made you want to visit others, do not miss the Teodoreni Monastery, the Zamca Monastery or the churches Invierea Domnului (Resurrection of Jesus), Sfantul Simion (Saint Simion), Sfantul Nicolae (Saint Nicholas) or Sfantu Dumitru(Saint Dumitru).

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