The Salt Museum

The Salt Museum
Târgu Ocna


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The town of Targu Ocna is well known for its springs and salt mines. Situated in Bacau, Moldavia, before the war, it was a balneary and climateric resort.


For years, in that area, the salt is being extracted and processed, occupation that has been improved while time passed by. The Targu Ocna Salt Mine is like a cave in a salt mountain, which likely make you feel as being yourself in an underground town.


The people left their mark on the place, as a proof staying the Saint Varvara Church, which is dug at 240 meters depth, all its chambers being cut in salt and the Salt Museum, where tools used by miners, maps of the Romanian salt mines explorers and old photos showing the underground work are being exhibited.


The salt is obvious the main character in this museum, being exhibited in different forms and colours.


Furthermore, the museum teaches you about the way in which the salt mine of Targu Ocna has appeared, how the salt is processed and how the salt can help you cure many affections.


Do not expect to see quite an institution, with a lot chambers, hundreds of exhibits and multiple data. You more likely will find a small chamber of about 15 square meters, quite poorly illuminated, with wood show cases, not at all pompous. You will find some information on the salt genesis, on the evolution of the exploitation of such a wonderful riches from the depths and on the tools used in such purpose.


Just when you enter, to the left, you will see boards explaining the way in which the mine is sectioned and organised, from which you shall understand that in certain places, miners are still working, they are still present and new galleries appear over time.


In front and to the right, you will see posters explaining different stories, photos from the interwar period, many documents, the story explaining how the salt mine of Targu Ocna was born but also multicoloured boards showing the geological layers, for the ones who are interested in such a thing.


You shall discover lamps, salt lighters (the raw part which is being than processed), salt vases, even a candlestick, placed near an icon. You shall be surprised to see also a church round bread with a little salt near it, as a symbol of friendship and joy of welcoming guests. More, there is also a wood hammer among the exhibits, one of the tools that many years before has been used to cut and finish up the walls of the Saint Varvara Church, inside the salt mine.


Looking very careful, you shall find also some scores hiding the miners hymn.


Besides the museum exhibits (where you do not have to pay to enter), you may buy also you various salt made objects from the small market near by. The price to enter the salt mine is of lei 18, in case you are with children smaller than 14 years, you will pay for them only lei 9.


You may arrive to Targu Ocna on DN 11 leaving from Bacau and on DN 12 A from Adjud, but also by train, on the railway 501 Adjud-Sicluleni, getting down exactly to the Targu Ocna, Salt Mines station.

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