The Princely Court and Church of Piatra Neamţ

Curtea şi Biserica Domneasca din Piatra Neamţ
Piatra Neamt

Religious & cultural monuments

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The Princely Court and Church of Piatra Neamţ are vestiges of the medieval life of this town, being built during the long ruling years of Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great).


The whole structure contains the princely court, the Saint John the Baptist Church and a steeple. Being situated actually in the centre of the town of Piatra Neamt, they attract a lot of tourists who discover here a piece of history.


In the past, the Princely Court, the church and the tower have been surrounded by a thick stone wall, with a defence role. From this you can see only a part in the south side and behind the Petru Rares High School.


Unfortunately, you can not see more of the old Princely Court of Piatra Neamt  because the „modernisations” have partially ruined it. From the original, only the cellars of the princely house (now here is a museum) and some pieces of inside walls have remained.


In rest, other houses, a high school and even streets have been built instead.


The church still stands and remarkably dominates the landscape from the town’s centre, remaining a vestige of the Moldavian architecture of Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) time.


The time put its marks also on the church, the old catapetasma being destroyed, and the new one is since the 19th century, being painted by Panaite Mavrodin and C.V. Basarab, having as model the Agapia Monastery.


Looked from outside, this church impressed by contrast – the stone walls are sober and yellowed by time, but here and there they have bright coloured brick cornices.


The steeple, it had the mission of  bastion watch during the period of the Turkish attacks, and not only. The construction that erects about 20 meters has four 500 years old counterforts. Only the guard tower has been subsequently added.


To the Princely Court complex of Piatra Neamt belongs also the Princely Court Museum, near the Petru Rares High School. It is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18 (during the period April – September) and from 9 to 17 for the rest of the year. The museum exhibits three-dimensional materials and documents related to the Princely Court as it once looked.


Still in this location, you can find also three particular museums of Piatra Neamt: the Art Museum, the Ethnography Museum and the Aeneolithic Art Museum of Cucuteni.


The Princely Court, the Saint John Church and the Steeple are known as a symbol of the town from the foot of Pietricica and can be admired also from the cable car installed from a few years in the town.

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