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The Bucovina church, Patrauti “Sfanta Cruce”(Holy Cross) represents a real clerical jewel. With warm architectonic and perfectly harmonised forms, the edifice is located on the bank of the river which has, from ancient times, a name of a girl – Patruceanca, at only ten kilometres from the locality of Suceava, in the village with the same name.


It is the proper destination not only for the ones who want to be more closed for the divinity, from the spiritual point of view, but also for the history fans. The religious place excels in the historical signification charter, being, first, the oldest Christian edifice built in Moldavian style. Than, it is the oldest church conserved from the foundations of the ruler Stefan cel Mare(Stephen the Great), the votive picture, showing the voievode himself near his family.


The church was a component of the sole nuns monastery that the Moldavia’s ruler has founded. Initially, the edifice was dedicated to cure the victims from the battles had in the perimeter of the Suceava Citadel of the Throne.


But, the Christian place had a dramatic history. The assaults entered actually inside the edifice, and the traces that the arms had left can be seen also now on the walls, in the destroyed plasters. Subsequently, the clerical jewel has been ravaged by robbers and than abandoned for more than two centuries.


But the church has been “resuscitated” at the beginning of the 18th century, by the Episcope Calistru de Cernauti. In the second half of the same century, the edifice served as parochial church.


Even if it is not grandiose by its size, being the construction with the smallest dimensions from the foundations of Stefan cel Mare(Stephen the Great), the edifice is harmoniously proportioned, and also the painting inside the church, has an incontestable value for the Moldavian art.


Outside, the little church has royal clothes, you can notice the perfect painter hand, of the one who has painted it. Simple and elegant, the exterior painting, which mostly resumes to fragments of the scene of the “Last Judgment”, in an equilibrate combination of elements of Byzantine architecture but also from the Moldavian tradition.


A detail related to this church built by Stefan cel Mare(Stephen the Great) is that in the courtyard, there are two large stones looking very much  like the „Masa tacerii” (Table of Silence) of Brancusi. But it is interesting that the natives allegate that the stones are there, in this form, for hundreds of years and they are not a copy of the famous opera, on the contrary, Brancusi would have inspired from Patrauti when he made the sculpture of Targu Jiu.

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