The Oglinzi Resort


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The Oglinzi Resort of the Neamt county has more than a century old history, is known especially for its baths with mineral waters and administratively belongs to the town of Targu Neamt, being situated at only three kilometres North from the town.


The resort is at an altitude of almost 500 meters, in a inclined depression near Culmea Plesului (Ples Peak),  which is called the Poiana Dascalitei.


At Oglinzi, the tourist come to rest, walk or therapy, being fascinated of this place where the wooden versants blend.


If you leave the resort by woods, after one hour of light walking you arrive to Cetatea Neamtului (Neamt Fortress).


The mineral waters of Oglinzi are famous and used for many years. Since the middle of the 19th century, chemical analysis have been done, to ascertain their therapeutic properties.
The Baile Oglinzi (Oglinzi Baths)balneary resort became famous and unexpectedly developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Here, there were many hotels, from which we still see only the building of the Carol Hotel, since 1900.


Unfortunately the prosperity disappeared at Oglinzi with the Second World War, which brought the front line in the middle of the resort. Almost everything has been destroyed and the communist authorities let the resort in a deplorable status for many years.


Even if, during the Ceausescu period, the Oglinzi enjoyed some importance, it has been modernised only in 1998. Now, at Oglinzi there is an important therapy centre, with galvanic baths, paraffin packs, ultrasounds, medical gymnastics, massage and other balneary treatment variants.


The mineral waters of Oglinzi have been tested again in the last years and they have been confirmed for the use in the external therapy. The natives and some tourists say that the waters would have miraculous effects for the persons affected by rheumatism, long term inflammations, skin or nervous system problems or for the persons with sequels from an accident, for example.


In the last period, the resort administration has cleaned fountains and underground galleries which collect more springs, all in order to be able to deposit more mineral water necessary in the warm season, when tourists come for therapy. Measurements have been done and now, it has been established that in the resort, one thousand patients can be treated simultaneously.


If you do not come to Oglinzi for therapy, than you must know that there are also entertainment places for the healthy young persons:  a few clubs, a place with mechanical games, tennis fields and a cinema.


More, you can go on trips near by, to the “Ion Creanga” Memorial House, The N. Popa Popular Masks Collection, The Equestrian Base of Dumbrava,  The “Dragos-Voda” Aurochs Reservation and the Agapia and  Neamt Monasteries.

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