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Mihai Eminescu


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Who did not hear at least once, the memorable verses “Vreme trece, vreme vine, /Toate-s vechi si noua toate”( Time will come and time will fly/ All is old, but new in kind), without agreeing with Eminescu? It is not an exaggeration to say that Mihai Eminescu remains, at over 120 years from his death, the emblematic poet of the Romanian people, still fresh and evoking the times nostalgically kept in the collective memory.


And for his prominence in the Romanian culture, we have to underline that in the city of Iasi, so loved by the poet, not only his native home of Ipotesti, a museum has been established. After 100 years from the poet death (Eminescu died in 1889), at Iasi, the Mihai Eminescu Museum has been established, quite a monument dedicated to the national poet. Where else than in Copou,   the beloved park of Iasi inhabitants, and near the Lime-Tree of Eminescu, so often evoked and so much visited, even today.


The architect Virgil Onofrei got inspired from the poetry of Eminescu to design a one level building, which everywhere was inspiring you a verse of Eminescu: you here have the “blue lake”, the skylight showing you the sky full of stars, the entrance towers evoking the friendship and love and many other symbols that you have to discover.


The three halls of the museum refer to the Eminescu person and his opera. All is at superlative, because, it couldn’t be different. At the ground floor, the visitor goes through the Destiny Hall and the Art Hall, and upstairs, the Friendship Hall.


Here you can see rare books – the first editions of  Eminescu, but also the most recent ones, the translations of his poetry into foreign languages, all the pictures related to the Eminescu’s life. Do not miss the art collection, those creations that have been inspired from the Eminescu’s opera .


You can visit the Copou and the Museum from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10.00-17.00, preferably on 15th of June, the date when the poet died, when the park has the perfume of the blossom lime-trees and the Eminescu’s Lime Tree is the axe of the “Lime Tree Festival”, organised by the museum. Monday is closed.


And if you are in Iasi, following the steps of Eminescu, you go see also the poet statute, near the university library, on Carol Avenue.


Historical monument, having more than 3 meters height, it shows  Mihai Eminescu in the centre, near the Philosopher holding his head in his hands and the woman.

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