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In a locality of the county of Suceava, the music fans can enter the universe in which the biggest composer of Bucovina has lived. The museum complex of the village of Stupca, consisting of both the Museum of Ciprian Porumbescu, and the Memorial House in which the founder of the Romanian modern music has lived, is impressive not only for its oldness but for its historical importance and architectonic style.


The Memorial House, an annex of an old traditional house is not very much different from the local ones. Through the shrivelled wall you can see the wood beams, covered by a clay coat. It has two small rooms and a lobby, because the original building has been demolished and this is what it remained.


Inside, the family pictures of the composer or the personal objects of  Ciprian Porumbescu give the visitor the occasion to know a small part of what his life meant. Also, the rooms where the biggest composer of Bucovina met the village musicians are a good opportunity to belong for a few moments to the universe that marked the creation of Porumbescu.


A former mansion of the 17th  century  hosts, some hundreds of meters away, the Memorial Museum which tries to reconstitute the activity an the life of the Bucovina’s composer.


The manuscripts, the pictures, the piano of the composer’s sister,  Marioara Ratiu-Porumbescu – all defining the musical personality of the artist, evoking also the significant moments of his life.


On the background, the “Balada” (the Ballad) of Ciprian Porumbescu can be heard, which can be also bought on audio support from the museum curator.


The complex is situated in the middle of a park hosting rare flower species and secular trees.


If you want to take a rest for a few minutes in the environment in which Ciprian Porumbescu has lived and composed, you can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 18:00, on summer time. On winter time, the visiting hours are one hour shorter.


The great composer, conductor and violin player, arrested for his political believes has composed his best works behind bars. He died very young, at only 29 years old, under the helpless eyes of his father and sister and he is buried in the cemetery from the village which now has his name.

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