The Memorial House of Calistrat Hogaş

Piatra Neamt

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In Piatra Neamt, on a quiet and shady street, for more than a century, there is the house in which the great teller Calistrat Hogas has lived and created. The street on which there is the writer’s house, has his name –marking the fact that here you can find the Memorial House of Calistrat Hogas.


You can not miss it: it is the first house on the street, with a small river rock fence and a building with a wood porch and four pillars erecting at the entrance.


The building is still 1885, when it has been erected by the care of the writer’s father in law, priest who gave his daughter two houses, an annex and an orchard – large and beautiful household.


The father Costache Gheorghiu was not preoccupied only by utility, he also took care of the soul: the house that he built is quite an architecture monument, registered in the National Cultural Patrimony.


Do no expect to see marble and iron flowers. The house of Calistrat Hogas is representative for that region and those times, being erected on a ground foundation, with frame-half timber walls. It has a wooden floors, brick stoves and neoclassical decorations.


Although the writer died in 1917, her wife and the two daughters continued to live in the house, one of the daughters, Sidonia, was the one that had the initiative to organise in 1939, the first museum dedicated to Calistrat Hogas. At the beginning, the particular museum had only one room. Three decades later, in 1969, the whole dwelling area of the little house with porch has become state memorial museum, being used the original parts taken from the family.


Finally, only in 1994 the arrangement of the memorial house of Calistrat Hogas, being re-established the atmosphere during the life of the great traveller and teller.


A chamber represents the traveller Calistrat Hogas, and contains, among others, paintings of Iulia Halaucescu, inspired from the stories of Hogas.


Other room is the writer’s office. In the ex living room of the family is arranged a retrospective of the age, and in the alcove of Sidonia Hogas the old times are conserved. The winter living room is arranged as the Hogas family would still use it.


If you go to Piatra Neamt, you enter the Calistrat Hogas street, at number 1. From April till September you can visit the Memorial House of Calistrat Hogas from 10.00 to 18.00, and in the winter months – October – March, from 9.00 to 17.00. Monday is closed.

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