The Măgura Ocnei Monastery

Magura Ocnei
Târgu Ocna

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The Magura Ocnei Monastery is situated in the town of Targu Ocna, of the county of Bacau.


The nuns monastery having as patron the Ascension, had an eventful history, but less known.


During the time, here there were three churches, from which none stands still today. The natives tell that the first wood church has been erected on the time of the ruling of Alexandru cel Bun (Alexander the Good), but the historians do not confirm this variant. The first documentary attestation is from 1665, when the daughter of a local boyar has donated a part of her inheritance to the Skete of Targu Ocna.


Other document which also narrates on the history of the skete, tells that in the next century, the church has been rebuilt still from wood, but with the patron of Sfantul Gheorghe (Saint George).


Than, at the beginning of 1800, the church is rebuilt for the third time, made of stone, this time having as patron the Annunciation.


Unfortunately, the communists have barbarously demolished also this church, the nuns being sent away and on its place a tourist complex has been established.


Only in 1993, a new church has been built, the fourth, and the monastery has been reopened.


This new church is massive, in a form of cross, made of brick and paved with stone.


For the tourist who is not interested only in the spiritual aspect of the area, we must mention, that in front of the monastery gates, there is the monument of the heroes from the Magura Mountain,  built to honour the dead soldiers on the battle field of Oituz-Cosna-Ciresoaia in the First World War. From behind the monument, a wonderful view is opened on the town of Targu Ocna.


If you do not know how to arrive to the monastery, the access is simple. From Bacau to Onesti, go on DN 11 about 50 km,  than turn right in Onesti to Comanesti on DN 12A, drive another 13 km, and in Targu Ocna turn left to the monastery, where you will drive about 500 meters on a slope, till the religious place situated in a forest.


The road is charming, especially in Autumn, when you will be astounded by the beauty of the Magura Mountain and the leaf wood.


On the other hand, the religious place is situated at 15 kilometres from Slanic Moldova, therefore, many tourists who spend their holiday in the resort, can come on the Magura Mountain, which in the last years, has become  a pilgrimage place of the believers.


For the tourists wanting to stay here a few days, the simplest accommodation solution is actually at the nuns who can host them inside the religious place.

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