The Ethnographic Museum of Suceava

The Ethnographic Museum


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You are in Suceava and do you want to learn more about the traditions and artcrafts of this region? Nothing more simple! You only need to arrive in the area of the Suceava Citadel of the Throne, impossible to miss, and there you will find The Hanul Domnesc (the Princely Inn) Ethnographic Museum of Suceava, established as the name says too, in an old inn.


Hanul Domnesc(the Princely Inn) is actually the oldest civil building which is conserved untouched, since its construction, at the end of the 16th century, in Suceava. In different interventions subsequently to the construction, the inn has been restored so well, as the two levels building which initially hosted important guests of the Moldavian rulers, kept its architectural integrity. It is a medieval inn in which you can find the most important ethnographic collections of Suceava region – famous for its richness of popular art.


Hanul Domnesc (the Princely Inn) was not a simple inn: upon the occupation of this region of Moldavia by the Habsburgs, the inn is transformed in a hunting house for the imperial family, this family taking care of it very well.


In our days, The Hanul Domnesc (the Princely Inn) Ethnographic Museum of Suceava hots only… visitors. At the ground floor, the atmosphere of medieval inn has been re-established, meanwhile in the salon a stove with Austrian influence has been restored and furniture sculpted with popular motifs, completed with plates and dishes and porcelain have been brought.


Nor the period when the Hanul Domnesc(the Princely Inn) was a hunting house has been erased from the building history: in the salon there are still wild boar furs and an arm rack with hunting guns.


Probably, the most important point of the museum, the kitchen, has as main element, the oven. Here you can find all the necessary thinks in order to prepare the food for the rulers, from the cabbage pot to spoons.


In the inn’s hall, the tables with chairs, beautifully  arranged, seem to wait for hungry guests. The rest rooms are also prepared as in any moment a tired guest may enter the door.


Other point of interest is the cellar – which traveller does not enjoy a cold cup of wine? After you see the barrels of wine and the dinning room, the museum’s visitors are advised to see also the inn’s floor, where all the popular art types of Suceava can be found here.


If you arrive here, give you plenty of time to see the ethnographic richness inside the inn. Take into consideration also the fact that during summer time, the visiting hours are from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00, Saturday-Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00, and Monday is closed. In the winter time, on Saturday and Sunday is closed and opened from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 15.30.

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