The Dacian Fortresses of Stancesti

Cetăţile dacice de la Stănceşti

Religious & cultural monuments

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If you arrive in Moldavia, you should absolutely visit also the two Dacian Fortresses of Stancesti, the place where you shall meet a part of the past of the Romanian people, the customs and traditions of our ancestors.


Discovered at the middle of the 20th century, the fortresses of the village of Stancesti, commune of Mihai Eminescu, county of Botosani, are of  great dimensions, considered more likely a double fortress.


They are located on a hill with a gentle slope, in a plain area, at the exist of Botosani to Suceava, at about five kilometres West from Botosani. The acess to them is not heavy at all, being done either from the national road connecting the Botosani to Suceava either from the locality of Stancesti by climbing a small country road from the locality’s church.


The two fortresses stand since the 6th- 3rd centuries before Christ  and they have been built from a vallum of ground with a defence moat.


The 2500 years old fortresses are grandiose and after such a long time, the vallum of ground of each has five meters height, and the depth of the moat reaches seven meters.


The first fortress is surrounded by a moat of 12 meters width. Only to the East, there is an interruption into the vallum of ground where it is supposed that there is the entrance into the fortress, about 4 meters height. To the South, a tower and a dwelling place are conserved, both ruins.


The second fortress is located to the South of the first and it has a five meters height surrounding vallum of ground.


There have been a few archaeological excavations at Stancesti and therefore, not much has been found. The most important piece has been discovered under floor of a house inside the fortifications. This excavated piece is of gold, has about 100 grams, half a meter length and a bizarre form. It may seem a fish with scales, but with a head of a wild boar and bird tail.


The modern world put its evil mark  on this place full of history, due to the lack of implication of the local authorities in the utilisation of the Dacian fortresses of Stancesti as tourist objective.


After Revolution, the land has been given back to the people from the village so, on the surface of the first fortress, now, maize is being cultivated and the second fortress is afforested. The natives know about the existence of the fortresses but they do not care a damn to conserve them to attract tourists and the authorities are doing nothing to protect them.


In Botosani, beside the Dacian fortresses of Stancesti, similar discoveries have been done at Dersca and Copalau.

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