The Cucuteni Museum

Piatra Neamt


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The cable car from Piatra Neamt, Barajul(the Dum) or Poligonul (the Shooting Ground) are definitely objectives that attract the tourists wanting fun. But the Culture fans know that Piatra Neamt hosts the Museum of Aeneolithic Art of Cucuteni, the unique museum in Europe which wants to compete with its brothers from the cultures of the Middle East.


The uninitiated persons shall wonder why the Cucuteni natives are so important and why their civilisation deserves a museum. Well, first, because their artefacts – ceramic creations – are, on world level, among the most important achievements from the field of the ancient plastic arts.  If you are not convinced, well, you should know that these creations represent a thousands of years old art and also one of the most brilliant civilisations that Pre-Historical Europe has given.


The specialists consider this culture, of the Cucuteni natives, as being a creative genius. The modelling of the clay figures, the ornamentation technique of the gorgeous ceramics are arguments that reinforce this idea.


The preparation technique is also a mystery for the archaeologists and historians. Slightly hit, the vessels, of different sizes and forms, are making a noise  very much alike the one made by the finest porcelain.


But, what makes the Cucuteni cultures be so appreciated is the ceramics painted in three colours- in black, white and red – which reflects a fine sense of this civilisation for colour and forms.


But, there is still the question “ Why it is called the Aeneolithic culture?”. When, theoretically, the Cucuteni civilisation should be included in the Neolithic period, because the tools used were fabricated from skilfully polished stone. Although, like other contemporaneous cultures, the Cucuteni natives were using also metal objects. The copper and the gold, because we are talking about them, were extremely rare and obtained through primitive technologies. The art objects fabricated with these tools were quite masterpieces, dedicated to the prestigious persons inside the community.


And, finally, why the Museum of Aeneolithic Art of Cucuteni –Piatra Neamt has quite an importance? Because, it is not only an archaeological museum, but also an art gallery where there are exhibited thousands of years old operas. More, the Museum of Aeneolithic Art of Cucuteni- Piatra Neamt is the sole museum, totally dedicated to one of the most complex and also, impressive civilisation of the Pre-Historical Europe.


The Museum can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, between 9 and 17 and it is situated  in the historical centre of the town, at Nr. 3 Stefan cel Mare Street.

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