The Castle of the Ştirbei Family


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Hidden on the top of a hill, at an altitude of 600 meters, sheltered by a leaf and conifer wood, the Stirbei Palace of Darmanesti, the county of Bacau, does not disclose itself to the indifferent traveller, needing a little effort and stops for precious indications from natives to get there. And, probably, you will need a 4×4 car.


The four kilometres forest road that leads to the small castle, which initially was paved with wood, as the castle’s architect had indicated, now hides a few “traps”, more likely big hollows covered by the leaves fallen down from the trees, therefore you have to use a precautious driving style.


From Damarasti, driving from the dam, after you leave behind a church, turn right, and than find the Street Poiana. There, turn again to the right and keep the road, it leading to the castle.


The hundreds of hectares forests you pass by, belonged to the Stirbei family, the Castle being built upon the request of the Gheorghe Stirbei prince (ex politician who died in 1916), at the beginning of the 20th century, he has chosen the Maguricea hill for the picturesque region, located on the left of the Valley of Uzu.


The castle has been built by workers brought from Italy, based on the plans of the architect Nicolae Ghica Dudesti. The building has a ground floor and two floors. In the main body of the building, there were the so-called official rooms, with a reception area, with a large saloon, a living room and offices. Still here, there is a greenhouse, and also the main staircase.


From this part of the castle, you can go on the semicircular terrace, which has a side of more than two meters.


The administrative part of the castle is in a lateral body, has two levels and the chambers are more reduced as dimensions. Here you can observe the beautiful wood decorative elements, at the balconies, and also a massif socle, built from quarry stone.


The history of the castle is at least interesting as the building. The Castle belonged to the Stirbei family till the end of the Second World War and than about 30 years here there was a sanatorium for the tuberculosis ill persons. Than, the castle became a children camp. Now, it has been given back to some Austrians who, unfortunately keep it closed and empty.


If the history and the castle do not satisfy enough the appetite for exploring the region, from the park surrounding the building you can enter directly into the woods, and from here, you have at disposal more paths for hiking on the Nemira mountain.

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