The Carlibaba Workshops


Elements of folklore and folk art

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A world where the people were making their own clothes, the grandmothers were spinning and sewing, the vessels were made of clay and the table linen were sculpted in wood seems now an utopia, but it really existed.


Some remains can be found in the locality of Carlibaba of Suceava, hidden somewhere between the wooded mountains, at the border with Maramures. To arrive to this locality you should go on the E85 road to Vatra Dornei, than follow the signs that shall guide you to the Ciocanesti locality .


The commune is guarded by the Tibau Massif, the Mountains of Suhard and Obcina Lucinei and crossed by the Bistrita river. The Romanian traditions combine with the German ones because in ancient times, the Germans settled down here for mining.


If you arrive at Carlibaba you may stop at the board and lodging places near by or can enjoy the hospitality of the people living in the villages,  such as Valea Stanii or Tibau. You can chose short hiking in the surrounding woods and mountains, such as the Piatra Tibaului (Tibau Stone).


If you want to find out how the natives were living in the ancient times, you should visit the workshops of the locality. The tourists can find out how the cheese is  made: the milking, the rennet using procedure, the fermentation of pot cheese and the final product. You can also learn how the butter is selected, how the wool is spun with the tow and distaff, how the carpets are sowed, how the wood is sculpted and how the bundles are done.


At the end of August, the tourists can assist to the two days fish festival. In such occasion, the natives walk with the rafts on the Bistrita river, dance on the popular music and eat the trout fished out of the clear mountain waters.


Still in August, in the third Sunday of the month, if you come to Carlibaba you can participate in the fair organised at Prislop, the path passing from Suceava to Maramures. At the fair, the Mountain persons from the near areas come to assist the popular music shows or to buy products for animals and others.


From Carlibaba you can arrive, crossing the mountain, over the Obcinile Bucovinei, on the Runc peak, and from there to the Fundu Moldovei commune.


The tourists can easily arrive from this locality to the Vatra Dornei resort, famous for the therapy centres but also for the park downtown.


The locality of Carlibaba deserves to be seen also for the sheepfolds from the near mountains where you can taste “balmoj” (food specialty) made by the shepherds  or to admire the landscapes.

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