The Bucovina Village Museum in Suceava

The Bucovina Village Museum in Suceava


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Have you ever been to the Museum of Village of Bucharest? If you enjoyed to explore the life of Romanian peasant, you will definitely appreciate the collection of the Bucovina Village Museum in Suceava, the younger “cousin” of the Museum of Bucharest.


You will need plenty of time to explore the museum, which lies on six hectares, near the Suceava Citadel of Throne. Practically, a whole traditional Bucovina village has been reconstituted in the smallest details, by the ones who try hard to conserve a small part of the authentic Romanian life.


Although it has been thought in the 60’s and initiated a decade later, the Museum had not an easy appearance: once started, the works had to be stopped, than, resumed, after the 90’s, to continue till our days. Finally, it shall comprise 80 popular architecture monuments, some still under construction. But even if it is not completed, the Museum offers the tourist an accurate image of the peasant life in the Suceava region.


The visitor may explore the village’s church, the workshops of the small handicraftsmen, the mill, the inhabitants households and why not, even the pub.


Here you can see, for example, how a potter workshop or the Vicov, Radaseni or Campulung Moldovenesc look like.


An architecture monument present in the Museum is the Vama Church, the original of the locality with the same name, being since 1783. Near the church, the steeple has been located, it being reconstituted having as model the one of Vama Village.


Other original presence in the Bucovina Village Museum in Suceava is Casa Dorna Cancreni (House of Dorna Cancreni), unique in the region, containing, among others, parts used by men for wood working and rafting.


The traditional Romanian village is so accurate realised in the Bucovina Village Museum in Suceava as through it a small stream is flowing, called, the Paraul Morii (the Mill Stream), because upstream  a Mill of the Humorului Monastery have been reconstituted.


You will have the occasion to see also more wealthy houses, inspired by “townsmen”, with large porch, but also households of large dimensions, with typical annexes – stable, cellar, sewing, etc.


The beauty of this museum is that, being in open air, can be visit both during summer and winter.  During summer time, Monday is closed, it is opened from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00 and in weekend from 10.00 to 20.00. In winter time, Saturday and Sunday is closed, but it can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to15.30.

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