Tarcăului Valley



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Tarcăului Valley is a good weekend destination in Neamt County, a good place for sunbathing, fishing, hiking, with a still insufficiently known potential, despite the beauty of the place and the purity of the air.


The Tarcau Commune is located at southwest of Neamt County, on the foothills of Tarcau and Gosman Mountains and at the confluence of Tarcau and Bistrita rivers.


The rich cultural heritage of this area includes architectural monuments, memorial houses, museums, among which: Tarcau Monastery, “Iulia Halaucescu” Museum of Art, the “The Assumption of the Virgin” Church, “Saint Mina” Hermitage, “Tarcau” Hermitage, but also Gosman Forest Reservation.


Tarcau Monastery, known until recently as Tarcau Hermitage, a hermitage of monks, is located on Tarcăului Valley, 43 km from Piatra-Neamt, between Brates and Ardeluta Communes.


The church is dedicated to “All Saints Sunday” and is made ​​of ash wood. What may seem unusual for this region is the fact that the roof of the monastery is bulging.

For mountain lovers, the Tarcau Commune is a good stop before starting a further-reaching route.


Here are some of the routes can be attempted by passionate hikers resistant to climbing, as none can be travelled in less than six hours:

Brates Village – Pascu Valley – Murgoci Peak – Gitioana Glade – Cichivei Valley – Bolovanis Mouth.


Tarcau Hermitage – Cichivei Valley – Gitioana Glade – Nechitului Valley – Nechit Village.
Brates Village – Pascu Valley – Murgoci Peak – Herman Peak – Tarcău Mouth.


The Tarcau Forest Division has an area of ​​over 20,000 hectares and is guarded by dozens of rangers watching no poachers should appear, because these woods of Neamt are full of deer, bears, boars, wolves, lynx and foxes.


Tarcăului Valley is not devoid of legends, one of them being about the Balta outlaw. At Brates, Tarcau Commune, still lives an old woman who was the wife of one of Balta’s gang members.


If the tourism potential is not yet properly exploited, we cannot say the same the about the industrial one, the biggest commune in the Neamt County being about to become a representative centre for producing electricity from unpolluted sources. Two companies, one with Italian capital and the other one with Romanian capital, proposed to realize a wind farm in the area, but also a few mini hydroelectric stations on the course of Tarcau River.

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