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For those who want to feel a little closer to divinity, Slatioara Monastery is the ideal place.


Not only the scenery where it is located makes you think you are on a piece of Heaven, but also the history breathing from every stone, as here is the head office of Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Romania.


The Slatioara Monastery is situated in the Slatioara village, Rasca commune, Suceava County. If you want to reach it, taking as a reference point Suceava City, you must go on DE85 and then turn on the county road 155A. You pass through Praxia, Bogdanesti, Rasca and then … you arrive at the destination.


On the way there, you can become familiar with the history of this holy place. As said above, the Monastery is not simply a place of praying, but is the foundation of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church. It all started in 1924, the beginning of October, when, after a pan-Orthodox conference that took place a year earlier at Constantinople, it was decided that the Roman Orthodox Church should use the Gregorian calendar.


A handful of Roman priests and monks refused to obey the decision, choosing to continue following the Julian calendar. Among them there was the hieromonk Glicherie Tanase, who, together with those who followed him, founded the resistance movement known today as Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Romania.


You can learn about how they were persecuted not only by the ORC, but also by Security, from the documents enshrined at Slatioara Monastery.


Despite that, this settlement keeps on living, and from a simple sexton church, made ​​of wood as it was in 1947, it has developed in the beauty we can admire today.


Now, those who serve in Slatioara enjoy other conditions, but the humility their predecessors suffered has remained as letter of the law. The cells, although equipped with quite modern furniture, are lined with icons and candles burning in front of them.


The cemetery of the Monastery holds the remains of those who faithfully served there. Everything is very neat, the monks taking great care of this place, as simple as it is full of history and education.


The monastery has its own workshop where candles are made from natural wax, the spices smoothing the air from far away.


Not far from the workshop, in the middle of the woods, there is a spring with sulphurous water, well known for its role in treating many diseases. In a special place on this piece of water is written the inscription: “source for health”.


However, there are no words to describe the emotion transmitted through the services performed here. You have to be there. So do not bypass Slatioara Monastery, it is a place for your soul.

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