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Besides the natural landscapes that can make you forget about everything, in the county of Botosani there are also particular religious place dedicated to satisfy the needs of spirituality. The Sihastria Voronei Skete, as it is known since its beginnings, but which today is called the Monastery of Sihastria Voronei, is one of such places.


The skete is situated at about one hour of walking far from the Voronei Monastery, in a small natural paradise, surrounded by plants and forests of ashes and oaks.


In order to arrive to the skete, you should go on a road that seems likely from other world, more exactly, for a few minutes, you will feel like being in a book of Jules Verne.


On this path, you have to walk because, at its beginning, there is a gate where the visitors have to let their cars. This is also as a form of respect for the silence with which the monks are used to, but  also because the other persons came to pray.


On the both sides of the path there are old trees having hundreds of years, they keep you away from sun but also give you quite an unforgettable remember.


In the monastery’s orchard, near an apple tree, the Saint Onufrie has been buried. He died on March 29, 1789. The place is known for the fact that at the tomb of the Pious Onufrie, many miracles took place.  Among these, we can remember the miraculous  healing of the Mihail Sturdza niece.


The Voievode took an apple from the Saint tomb and gave it to his nice and she got rid of a horrible disease: the epilepsy. Just after this event, the Voievode ruled that the bones of the Saint Onufrie be unburied and put in a coffin in the Sihastria Voronei Monastery. Now, the Saint is celebrated on 9th of September.


Continuing the visit to the monastery, you will arrive to the church chapel. Here, on the Paraklesis, there is a commemorative plaque put in 2005, on which there is specified that even His Beatitude Teoctist, who has lived in the skete has carried stones for its construction.


In 1928, when he was a child, he left his native village and has arrived to the Vorona Monastery, but, because he did not have the appropriate age, he was sent to stay at the Sihastria Voronei. Here, Teoctist has carried river stones to help the building of the church- Paraklesis.


“To the foundation of this Paraklesis of the Sihastria Voronei Monastery,  His Beatitude Teoctist, Patriarch of Romania, has brought river stones with his own hands, as brother of the monastery, in 1928. 2005″, has been written on the commemorative plaque.

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