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The Runc Secular Forest near the commune of Racova of Bacau county is a natural reservation where you can see quite an impressive 150 years old beech forest. The trees have fabulous width and heights, being unique in Romania.


The forest reservation lies on a surface of about 60 hectares.


Here is the place where you can admire twin beech although they belong to different species, which have been discovered in the 60’s by a savant of the Alexandru  Ioan  Cuza University of Iasi.


Became famous due to the unusual mingling, these huge trees can be found by the tourist who wants silence and an unique view in the North side of the Racova village. They are at a stone’s throw away from the forest path that leads to Runc.


Once arrived in front of them, the grandeur of the two trees will take your breath away. They are over 25 meters height and the common trunk is more than three meters thick. The mingling of the two beeches is up to one meter height.


These monuments of nature, besides certified as such, live very well in the Racova forest – you can see it by yourself. Their green crowns, without any dryness, are gloriously raising to the sky.


For the botany fans, the two trees belong to the species Fagus orientalis and Fagus taurica.


Here are some information for orientation in space. To  arrive to the reservation, the best way is coming from Piatra Neamt on the road to Dumbrava Rosie, you pass through more localities among which Roznov, Zarnesti and Costisa. In the last you can find also a tourist info where you can get more information. Once arrived in the town of Buhusi, you take left near the gym and follow the road toward the Ciolpani Monastery.


The roadway disappears after five kilometres and the road goes through the words. Follows a inhabited area and the Runc Monastery. You go till you meet a crossroad where you can find a sign which leads you deeper into the forest.


If you want to forget at least a day of stress, do not miss this reservation with a special air, which has inspired the authors of some historical films.


Another piece of advice: if you arrive to Runc, go also to the monastery –it is a historical monument of the 16th century.


The Runc Monastery has been built by Stefan cel Mare si Sfant (Stefan the Great and the Saint) after the end of the battle of Orbie. It is painted by Gheorghe  Matei. The Monastery patrons are: the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and also the Holy Imperators Constantine and Helena (Paraklesis).

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