Prisaca Dornei (the largest trout farm in the country)

Prisaca Dornei
Prisaca Dornei

Lakes and barrages

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Prisaca Dornei trout fish farm is one of the largest in our country and it was arranged at 12 kilometres from Campulung Moldovenesc, in Suceava County. Prisaca Dornei belongs to Vama Commune in Suceava County.


Bucovina is the heaven of trout and therefore there are many trout farms, which are owned by private owners or businesses in the area. Thus, only in Campulung Moldovenesc area, there are three such farms: the one at Prisaca Dornei, plus two more in Campulung and Putna Valley.


Among the tourist objectives in the town we can mention “Feast of the Cross” Church, a Roman – Catholic Church which has celebrated its centenary in 2011.


Fish farmers from Putna Valley, Brodina and Prisaca Dornei do not have as sole purpose obtaining profit from the sale of trout. They are also concerned with repopulation of the area waters with valuable species.


In these places, trout farms are part of complex structures, with hostels and restaurants. So you can and eat fish, but also catch fish. And if catching is not enough, some owners will even let you participate in preparing the trout.


As you will find out if you go to these beautiful surroundings, there are many goodies that can be prepared with the noble trout. For example, floured trout browned in butter, with polenta and garlic sauce with basil garnish. Equally tasty is the sour cream trout, the one with mushrooms or in brine.


Of all the recipes with trout, the locals are not as proud of any recipe as the smoked trout, kept in “cobza”. In short, the recipe says that well cleaned and dried fish are smoked through a special method; after smoking, they become golden and are placed between layers of fir branches, bound with strips of willow bark in the form of a kobsa. They can be kept for several days in cool, well ventilated places, but not in the refrigerator, and the fish get a special taste.


Besides fishing and hunting adventures, you can also take advantage of the scenery by hiking and other tourist activities such as visits to numerous nearby monasteries, mountaineering or in winter time, even skiing.


There are many hostels and motels in the area, with prices between 60 and 150 RON / day for a double room.

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