Poiana Teiului

Poiana Teiului
Poiana Teiului


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Poiana Teiului Commune is a typical mountain settlement located in the north-western of Neamt County, on the lower course of Bistrita River. The town boasts for having received the European village indicator.


DN 15 B follows the course of the valley and at the northern extremity of Bicaz Lake this road intersects with DN 17 B, constituting a real connection knot linking the three historical provinces: Ardeal-Moldavia-Bucovina.


One attraction of the area is the “Poiana Teiului” viaduct, almost a kilometre long, crossing the Izvorul Muntelui Lake. It was built in the years ’60 and is a gateway that connects the three historical regions of Moldova, Bucovina and Transylvania.


Besides the viaduct, within the commune territory there are other cultural- historic sites: a wooden church, a zoological museum with an outstanding collection of animals from the forests in the area, Piatra Teiului – a strange natural monument, highly picturesque situated at an intersection of roads that go to Bucovina, Transylvania and Moldavia, Galu Monument of the Eighteenth Century.


If you decide to stay a while in this area, there are plenty of accommodation places and you also can go to the Bicazului Gorges, visit the Neamt Fortress, situated at 47 km distance, the monasteries in the Neamt County or Durau resort in Ceahlau.


Petru Voda Monastery can be found by following the national road B 15 from Poiana Teiului to Targu Neamt, on a road separating to the left in the Largului Valley. The settlement was built after the Revolution because there was no monastery in that area.


The religious place in medieval style is now a place of pilgrimage for tens of thousands of believers.


The agritourism is present in Poiana Teiului region, as over 30 farmsteads accommodate tourists. There is a sports field, a swimming pool and a beach on the lakeside for those who stand to bathe in the cold waters of Izvorul Muntelui. Water sports can also be practiced here.


If you are on low budget and you like to spend the night in a tent, you can camp out on Bicaz lakeside and then fish in peace.


With licence from the authorities, hunters can chase and shoot wild boars, deer or bear in the woods.


The Ceahlau Massif and Bicazului Gorges are perfect for climbing, and in Durau resort skiing can be practiced.
In terms of weather, the temperatures fluctuate significantly, with a maximum of 36 degrees and a minimum of minus 28.

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