Poiana Negri

Poiana Negri

Mineral deposits

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Poiana Negri is a place mostly known for its mineral waters, but it is also a splendid place for mountain tourism.


The village is located six kilometres from Dorna Candrenilor Commune, on the European road linking Vatra Dornei to Bistrita. The road was paved recently and winds along the Negrisoara River.


The tourists who come here can choose between lots of entertainment options that ensure strong sensations: mountaineering and climbing in the surrounding mountains, rafting or paragliding. There are organized excursions on horseback and mountain bikes can be rented for tourists staying in Poiana Negri.


If you are not interested in such things, you can go hiking in the Calimani Poiana Negri National Park which is in close proximity. The mounted paths are quite long, but the climbing is gentle and the marking is fresh so that no one is likely to get lost.


You should not miss the geological reservation “12 Apostles”, where the volcanic activity, erosion and wind have built some special rocks.

The most famous and attractive part for tourists is the group that gives the name of the reservation and includes several fantastic figures, that seem made by the hands of man. For example, with a little imagination you can see an old man with beard, an old man with three daughters, a bear with his head bowed, a woman reminding of Nefertiti.


Geologists say the natural phenomena led to the formation of these “statues”, but some do not believe so and sustain that Mother Nature has been helped by human hand.


Besides these breathtaking at sight rocks, on the western slope of the reservation there are more juniper trees and mountain pines groups, where the Birch cock lives – a bird declared a natural monument.


Besides, on the mountain the spruce fir grows in harmony with the Swiss Pine, in a communion very rare in Europe.


Nearby, at the foot of Lucaciu Peak (1770 m), a monastery is built, which can also be reached by car, following a forest road from the Poiana Negri village. The serpentine road passes through a stone quarry which offers an unusual image thanks to the rocks of different colours that make up the slope.


Another indicated route starts from Dorna Candrenilor, where you can climb up to the tip Ousoru Peak of Suhard Mountains (1639 m). From there, you can admire the entire Dorna Depression.


You will not have problems with accommodation in Poiana Negri as it is a very developed area in this regard. There are many hostels of up to four stars and even hotels. You can only worry about money and time for leisure!


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