Piatra Ţibăului Geological Reservation


Geomorphological elements

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The Piatra Tibaului Geological Reservation is situated in the commune of Carlibaba, of Suceava, at the confluence of the stream of Tibau with Bistrita.


What is all about and what we actually protect? Sounds strange, but a huge rock of fossilised  Eocene limestone, 70 meters height, is the main character.


The reservation is laying on an over 20 hectares area and it has been created to save this rock from disappearing due to the exploitation of the limestone.


To get to the reservation, you go on the DN 18 between Vatra Dornei and Sighet, pass by Iacobeni, and after three kilometres, at the confluence of the Tibau stream with Bistrita, you can see the Piatra Tibaului (Tibau Stone) on the right of the road.


There are only a few hundreds meters till the Stone and you have to walk a little on the road of the Valea Tibaului (Tibau Valley).


The authorities have decided to conserve this rock in its natural status because it has a particular scientific value and obvious for the beauty of the wild landscape from here.


For the ones who know geology, it is worth mentioning that this rock, for which a whole reservation has been done, contains grit stones conglomerates laid over crystalline schists, about which the specialists say that they would belong to the Neogene period.


In the same reservation you can also study red to yellow marls and some grey to green. Over these, stratified limestone are superposed..


What is unusual to these limestone is that they have a thickness of over 50 meters, and for the experienced ones, an Eocene fauna lives in the limestone lay: nummulites, bivalves, gastropods and corals.


And if the rock does not satisfy the tourist needs, you can spend more days in this area, because you have a lot to visit. You will certainly relax and feel very well.


The region around the Piatra Tibaului Geological Reservation has a historical, ethnographic and cultural character.


Other objectives from the Carlibaba commune where the Piatra Tibaului is, worth mentioning are Lala reservation, a monument made of stone to remember to the passer about the Bogdan First, the Founder who was also on these lands.


The place is gorgeous, has a clime good for hiking and no pollution, which makes it perfect for tourism.


In the cold season, a sky track can be arranged, and by summer, the hiking lovers can cross the whole area which has fantastic landscapes.

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