Munticelu Cave

Cheile Bicazului

Geomorphological elements

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The Munticelu Cave is located in the Neamt county on the left side of the Bicaz Valley, in the Surduc-Munticelu Massif (at the North edge of the Hasmas Mountains).


The cave belongs to the commune of Bicazu Ardelean and it is one of the most important of Moldavia.


If you enjoy the mountain trips, you should know that the Munticelu Cave can be visited all the year long. The only absolute need is a lamp, because the cave is not arranged or electrified and the authorities do not intend to invest in such a tourist treasure too soon.


You arrive the cave walking on the road between Bicaz and Gheorgheni, the pass begins near the Surduc quarry, upon some hundreds of meters from the entrance in the Sugau Keys Reservation, which also deserves to be visited while you are still around.


Till the cave, from the road, you make no more than 45 minutes. Be careful, the road seems easy at the beginning being with smooth winding roads, but it becomes more and more abrupt, up to a height of 300 meters, so, you should better wear sport shoes or boots if you want to go to the top – the land can be slippery.


At the beginning you don’t see the entrance to the cave, it being quite hidden at the bottom of a calcareous wall and it is quite low (about a meter). As we were saying, it is not a big cave, having only 120 meters as length.


The first thing a traveller see when enters the Munticelu Cave is a 10 meters corridor getting down. At its end you suddenly enter a big hall of about 30 meters. As height, this hall is as two apartments – 4-5 meters. Actually, in this hall, the tourist has ahead all the dark cave, which can more likely be called a grotto.


On the floor, the soil is smooth and clayey. On the South side of this hall, there is a small lake and near it there are some bones of the cave bear, the most interesting being a femur blocked into a stalagmite.


On the North side of this big hall, a forest of three meters height and a few centimetres thick limestones formations gets your attention, this is called candle stalagmite. Upon the discovery of this cave, the density of these stalagmites made it unique in Romania.


But how the people reaches this small bear grotto? The first were a few playful children who climbed the mountain and by chance they discovered the cave in 1973. The children were actually looking for snowdrops, so, the cave was first called the Snowdrop Cave by the inhabitants of the villages, it  fit with the story and the small dimensions.

In this side of Moldavia, there are a few caves, that’s way Munticelu is a big speological interest for the scientists, but it also very interesting to visit.


If you arrive to the cave, you will be impressed not only by the cave, but by the whole area which has an unimaginable beauty.


In the Sugau Keys reservation located very close, you can admire also the spectacular Tunnel Cave. It goes through the crest of Piatra Glodului, that’s way the natives call it also  the Sura Glodului Cave.

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