Palatul Cnejilor (The Princes Palace)

Palatul Cnejilor

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Palatul Cnejilor(The Princes Palace) of the Neamt county, historical monument situated at the foot of the Ceahlau massif, is going through an unfavourable period, being only a ruin on which  the weeds are freely growing and the households of the natives have been built closed to it.


First, here, there was a monastery, than a fortified boyar court. From all the buildings, only the Palatul Cnejilor (The Princes Palace) remained, forgotten by the authorities.


You can reach the palace after a three kilometres road through the village of Schit of the commune of Ceahlau. The ruins of what was sometimes a palace are on a platform on the left of the stream.


Only one sign, on the roadside to Durau, informs the tourists that there the road to the palace begins.


Obviously, we are talking about the lack of money, as the Townhall says, although we are speaking about a first class historical monument.


The today’s denomination of the Princes Palace, comes from one of its owners, Matei Cantacuzino, who has obtained the title of prince from the Russians.


The history of these ruins starts around 1600,when the brother of the ruler Vasile Lupu has decided to build a small fortified church.


Palatul Cnejilor(The Princes Palace) has been built in more stages: first, the steeple, than an inside stone wall is being built. Subsequently, the treasurer, Toderascu Cantacuzino erects the walls and builds four round towers and dwelling buildings.


The Cantacuzino nobles family, who enters in the possesion of the church, at the death of its founder, shall extend the fortifications and shall add cellars and tunnels under the mountain dedicated to the run away in case of attack.


Than, in 1838, the Cantacuzino’s build a small palace. But these nobles did not know how to keep their fortune and they were living royally, throwing away their money. So, their beautiful life at the palace did not last long, the owners had a lot of debts and the palace was sold at auction, being bought by the Sturdza family.


Here, the history talks about a story that is worth telling in a tourist guide because puts the imagination on fire. The Cantacuzino’s did not leave the palace, although it was no longer their, they tried to organise an army of natives and barricaded themselves behind walls, refusing to give it to the new owners.


The fight lasted quite a while, afterwards, a brother kills himself, the other run away outside the country. The priests say that the tragic end of the Cantacuzino’s has been caused by a curst, put on them after they have sent away the monks from the church and made a palace for them.


The new owners did not care a lot for the so wanted acquisition due to the tragedy caused and the palace became a ruin.


One says that at the palace, during the glorious period of the Cantacuzino’s, Vasile Alecsandri and Alexandre Dumas were invited.


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