Mestecăniş Pass

Zona Pasul Mestecăniş


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Mestecanis Pass, on DN17, in Suceava County, is situated in the south-eastern part of Obcina Mestecanis Mountain, at an altitude of 1096 m.


The Obcinele Bucovinei Mountains, as the entire area is called, represents more parallel mountainous crests that one can say without a doubt that to be the most spectacular of its kind in the country.


Mestecanis Pass is a connection port between two depressions: Dornelor and Campulung Moldovenesc, practically connecting Transylvania with Moldova.


The Pass is a crest peak from where you can admire a beautiful landscape, if you’re lucky and there’s no fog.
DN 17 crosses this area coiling in dozens of windings of the road and offering a spectacle of nature to the passengers in the cars. Winter always creates trouble for the drivers, however, the snow sets easily here, and the blizzard starts often, making the traffic difficult, even impossible at times.


If you want to cross Obcinele Bucovinei Mountains leisurely, there are several mountain routes, sprinkled with monastic sights.


The main mountain routes are:

Bobeica Village – Mestecanis Pass, Campulung Moldovenesc – Frumosu Village, Dragosa Village – Sucevita

Voronet Village – Humor Monastery

Voronet Village – Neamt Monastery

Prisaca Dornei Village – Tomnatecu Peak

Moldovita – Putna.


Also near the Mestecanis Pass there is “Ascension of Jesus” Monastery, built in honour of the Roman people dead on the battlefield or as prisoners of war camps.


The religious place is located in Poiana Fierului, at a distance of four kilometres from a route marked with red tape, ascending from Mestecanis Pass towards Giumalau Peak. The geographical position makes you feel closer to God here than in other churches.


From Poiana Fierului, marked by red tape, a route starts filled with beautiful views both in summer and winter, a season in which the ski lovers can take advantage of good conditions.


In this area great hunt sessions can be organized as well for those who love it. In the Obcinele forests live bears, wolves, foxes, martens, lynx, ferret. If you are lucky you may catch in sight flying eagles, vultures and even owls at night, but for the last ones you must necessarily go into the woods.


In the area there are a variety of animal species, but also plants. So it’s no wonder that there were established over 20 natural reservations here with forest, flora or even geologic specific. Worth mentioning is the Zugreni Natural – Geological Complex, but also the Calimani and Turbaria Geological Complex from Gradinita.

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