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Elements of folklore and folk art

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To be satisfied with the present we have to know and accept the past, to get to understand its value. If you want past traditions, you should go on a trip to the pottery workshops of Marginea, county of Suceava.


To arrive to Marginea follow the signs from Suceava to Radauti and you will pass through the localities of Darmanesti and Milisauti, the distance being of about 40 kilometres, and the roadway is acceptable.


Once you arrive to Marginea you can visit the pottery workshops of the locality.


The artisans have preserved the tradition, and they make cooking pots and other craft objects from clay.


You can see how they create such wonderful and unique objects, more difficult to find in the shops of the great cities. The secret of pottery has been transmitted from generation to generation and is about 500 years old.


Marginea became famous in the whole world due to these workshops,  and the products made by the artisans have been exposed in several countries. People say that the Dacians  “bequeath” here the black ceramics made by a clay which has a specific content due to the woods around.


After the clay is transformed in objects, they are burnt in large ovens, than they are finished with the help of special stones and decorated based on the artisan’s imagination.


Still at Marginea you can visit also the ethnographic museum, which is hosted in a house built a century ago. There, traditional popular costumes dressed in the Bucovina region during the times but also the accessories worn by the countrywoman or the carpets decorating their houses  are exhibited there. The Romanian traditions enthusiasts  shall admire the painted eggs famous for the North region of Romania.


The locality of Marginea is hospitable and the tourists can admire the sculpted gates of the houses.


As for the accommodation possibilities there are board and lodging places in the region but also who prefer to stay in tent shall find a place.


The persons affected by rheumatism can offer themselves a free treatment, but efficient, paying a visit to the salt spring, situated at the Poiana Plesei, as the Marginea inhabitants call it.


If you will go there during the winter holidays you will assist also to the traditions customs in the region, but you can also practice the winter sports, because here the snow stays for many months.


After you visit Marginea you can stop also to Milisauti, famous for sauerkraut.  The one tasting it shall never forget its taste. You can also go to Radauti, a small town, with fresh air, the zoo and clam and hard-working people.


And you return to Suceava do not miss the fortress of the town and an original experience shopping in the market.

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