Izvorul Muntelui (Bicaz)

Izvorul Muntelui
Izvorul Muntelui

Lakes and barrages

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If you like endless surfaces of water, you need to see “the Bicaz Sea”, the Izvorul Muntelui Lake, also known as Bicaz Lake. It is the largest artificial lake of Romania and the most beautiful among the entire necklace of lakes on the Bistrita River.


How to get there? From Piatra Neamt, by car, on the National Road 12C, passing through Straja and Bicaz, among others. The ride takes about three hours. It is easier if coming from Ardeal, to take the train to Gheorgheni and from there one more hour by car on the same National Road 12C.


No matter how long it takes, it is worth it. The road that passes by the giant elongated lake offers you not one view, but many. Besides the lake that seems endless, with its over 3,200 hectares there is the most beautiful mountain forest, where the fir trees are sometimes mixed with hazel nut trees and other trees, all of them amidst one of the most beautiful mountains of the Ceahlau Massif.


Nothing can be more beautiful than to watch the lake from the huge dam that surrounds it or from one of the nearby peaks. The first thing appearing in your eyes is the salt water of a raw green colour radiating sometimes towards blue.


By looking upwards, you do not realize how big the lake is until you see some of the few buildings built nearby. If you go down by the lake, you see that there is one of the best places to relax, and we talk about hiking, picnics or fishing, for which the lake is famous.


Besides this, the lake also has a mini-port, where you can rent different kinds of crafts that go out on the water, from boats to pedal boats. In fact, this is the best option that you can enjoy all that the lake can give you. On land, it’s much harder to cross all this enormous distance of 35 kilometres, but it may take you several days, given that the surface of water is surrounded by forests almost everywhere. In fact, there is a short distance between the forest and the water along a vast part of the lake margin.


The surroundings are worth seeing too. There is plenty for you to see, from dense woods and glades to green alpine meadows. But nothing is more impressive than the rock walls that rise along the very narrow road. On its edges there are also stalls of vendors selling various things, such as food and folk handicrafts.


The only thing missing? Enough time. There are too many things to be seen in only one day.

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