Ineu-Lala Reservation

Parcul Naţional Munţii Rodnei

Natural reservations

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The Ineu – Lala joint Reservation is part of Rodnei Mountains National Park; it spreads over 2,500 hectares and presents a glacial relief formed of shale, glacial circus, glacial valleys and moraines.


The cascades and glacial lakes are completed by the extremely picturesque flora and fauna elements, among which: the yew tree, the aurochs and the Birch cock.


Rodna Mountain is not for any tourist, as there are quite difficult, but very picturesque routes.


There are two main tourist routes which are inaccessible on winter time. The first route is Rodna Commune – Vinului Valley (Wine Valley) – Bailor Spring (Baths Spring) – Curatel Peak – Saua cu Lac (Lake Saddle) – Ineu Peak. The second one is: Rodna Commune – Capul Benesului Peak (Benes Head Peak) – Curatel Mountain – Saua cu Lac (Lake Saddle) – Lala Valley – Lala Mouth.


In order to attract more tourists, the park Administration organizes in this area a one day hike on Ineu Peak and around Lala Lake, a hike at which hundreds of tourists from the country and from abroad participate every year.


Ineu Peak is the second highest of Rodna Mountains, with an altitude of almost 2,300 meters and offering a superb view over the entire mountain massif.


One of the most popular routes reaching Ineu Peak starts at DN 17 D – Rodna, Bistrita Nasaud, Sant. Then one can gets to the Blaznei Valley resort (where the Diana Chalet is located) through a forest road that will give drivers headaches.


From the chalet (where the accommodation is good and cheap) one can only walk forward. The route that follows the blue cross ascends through juniper trees up to the crest passing by the Red Peak, Ineu Peak, and then Ineu Peak.


If you reach the Ineului Saddle, you can descend to the Small Lala and Large Lala glacial lakes. These two lakes are located at an altitude of 1,815 meters and have depths of about half a meter.
The Large Lala is the largest glacial lake of Rodna Mountains stretching over an area of ​​over 5,000 meters. In addition, if you go to see it you will be convinced that it is one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the country. From Small Lala Lake a small river springs which is also called Lala and flows into the Great Lala Lake.


If you are passionate about fishing in height, cast a hook and maybe you can catch some trout, as bio as possible.
Rodnei Mountains National Park was designated a Biosphere Reservation by UNESCO Committee “Man and Biosphere”.


The following are considered protected plants: the mountain peony, the edelweiss, the daffodil, the motley tulip, the yew, crucea voiniculuiHepatica Transilvanica (the brave man’s cross) and others.


Animal and birds species also inhabit the reservation. You can come across with the lynx, the Carpathian bear or the marmot and you can see at a distance the chamois, the eagles, the owls, the grouse or Birch cock.

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