Lakes and barrages

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If you are in Bacau County and you like nature, you should not miss the lakes there and especially you should not miss the Garleni Reservoir. The reasons why? There are plenty, but let’s enumerate them briefly. White swans, black swans, thousands of water birds, superb landscapes and a network of channels and islands assuring you will never get bored there, in those 22 hectares the lake occupies.


In order to get there, we went from Bacau, less than half an hour, on National Road 15. Then to the right about the hydro-electric station upwards, until we reached the Garleni Reservoir, one of the lakes arranged on the Bistrita River.


The first thing that catches your eyes is the surface of water that seems endless. And it seems even greater as it is not continuous, but interrupted by real seas of reed and islands appeared from nowhere.


From the shores of the lake or rather from the concrete slabs that surround it, its beauty catches your eye, especially if you’re lucky to see the hundreds of swans that live there several months of the year. But you cannot taste the charm of the lake if you don’t take a boat and try to cross it. However mind the type of boat you choose and especially the weather, because there winds there rise up quite big waves which can topple your craft.


Once offshore, you risk getting lost in the numerous channels in the reed that share the lake in compartments, but you can get to catch your breath on one of the many islands that rise to the surface almost everywhere. It is true! They seem to grow more and more in number, given that the lake is clogged with rotting vegetation in many parts, where water is quite small. The truth is that the Garleni Lake is a true kingdom of the reed, covering somewhere between half and one third of the lake. Among this rich reed, a true paradise for fishermen, you can see an amazing life, as if totally separated from the land life.


Passing on by boat, you can find hundreds of coot, wild ducks, loon, cormorants, herons and especially black and white swans. If you’re lucky, you can go by boat just a few inches away from them, especially if you are close to their nests in the middle of reeds, where it is difficult to run scared, as they usually do.


But that’s not all. If you are an adventurous spirit, you can try the channels that connect the Garleni Lake to the Serbanesti and Lilieci Lakes.


In short, is it worth going there? Yes, it’s worth. If not for the swans but for other beauties of nature not less impressive.

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