Fundu Moldovei (centre)

Fundu Moldovei
Fundu Moldovei

Elements of folklore and folk art

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Who is looking for the ideal place for relax, therapy with mountain air or peculiar culinary goodness that you can rarely find in other places in Romania, has to choose the commune of Fundu Moldovei, of Suceava county.


The locality situated in the North of Romania, at about 50 kilometres from the border with Ukraine, is one of the fewest places where the old traditions are still kept by the natives. The entrance is done by a porch, and the name of the locality is skilfully sculpted in wood.


The access is done on the E85 road and in the locality of Pojorata, you turn right if you are coming from Campulung Moldovenesc, or left if you are coming from Vatra Dornei. At about five kilometres from this crossroad, you shall arrive to Fundu Moldovei,  the road being newly laid with asphalt so the drivers shall face no problem.


If you go camping, there is a camping established by some Dutch people, near the Moldavia river. If you want comfort, you are free to go to the board and lodging places from the region or to natives, who are hospitable and willing to host tourists.


In Fundu Moldovei you can go hiking on the local mountains, you can visit the museum that represents a typical peasant house of Bucovina region, the monument dedicated to the heroes who died fighting. The tourists may also participate in the peasants ball, which is being usually organised in occasion of Christian holidays or the “Buna Vestire”(Annunciation) Festival. Also, in the localities near by you can visit many unique places.


In Colacu there is an old wood church, a monument dedicated to heroes and a park where there is the statue of Traian Popovici, mayor of the town of Cernauti during the Second World War, who remained in the history pages thanks to his heroic gesture of saving more than 20,000 Jewish from death.


In Botus you can choose to visit the Orata Monastery or the Wood Museum of Braniste. You can also stop to the board and lodging place of the Pomohaci family where you shall enjoy only bio products or you can learn who to make cheese and other dairy products, specific in the area.


If you are fond of dainties you should taste the local  goodies such as maize porridge with potatoes,  “tocini”(potatoes specialties), “scrajele” ”(potatoes specialties), wild strawberries with cream and maize porridge or “poale-n brau”(Moldavian specific pie).


During summer you should go hiking in the woods, and under the surveillance of a native, pick up mushrooms and medicinal plants which shall prove to be very precious during the winter time.


And if you want to exercise and to learn new things, you can offer to help the Mountain persons to make hay, to carry “posor” or to milk the cows.


The natives are stately mountain persons who keep their traditions, wear popular costumes when they go to church and take the popular dance proud to  foreign countries, thanks to the ”Arcanul” band.

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