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If you are passionate  about Botany, you like rare flowers and  generally you consider that the plants are not wasting your time, the ideal place for a vacation is the „Fâneţele seculare de la Ponoare”  Floristic Reservation (Secular Hays of Ponoare) of the Suceava county.


If you go from Suceava to the South, you find this gorgeous reservation after about 9 kilometres, in the village of Cumparatura of the commune of Bosanci.


The reservation is situated on a hill called Strambu and it has many protected species. Actually, there are so many that their diversity makes from such a reservation one of the most important from the scientific point of view.


Here are some of the plants that you can find here: the Siberian Iris, the Spring Adonis, Dittany, Swamp Fern, Fox Glove, Thistle, the Wild Flax, Marsh –Grass- of Parnassus, Globe flower, Saw-Wort.


The reservation lays on a surface of about 25 hectares.


A laboratory has been built inside a house on the reservation territory. Here, the flowers picked from the hill are being studied. There are about 400 species resulted from the Ponoare’s protected hays.


In this small laboratory, the researchers have done botanical studies which have generated interesting conclusions concerning the flora alternation at Ponoare. Specialists came also from other countries among which we can remember France, Great Britain and even Egypt in order to analyse the plants from here at the microscope.


But not only for flowers you can visit the Reservation of Bosanci, it being rich also in animal species who like living on the hill.


For example, is interesting the history of the pheasant that  has migrated on this parts in the 70’s of the last century from the Mihoveni forest, situated at a distance of more than 25 kilometres.


The White Storks enjoy to come here, they come in the months of August- September, before leaving for hot climates for the winter time.


In the „Fâneţele seculare de la Ponoare”  Floristic Reservation 10 species of butterflies have been also discovered.


The region from which this reservation belongs has a colder clime than most of our country, with an annual temperature average of only 8°Celsius – obviously, not for the whole season. The summers are more likely springs, in July, existing a temperature average of 20° Celsius, therefore, in the July- the hottest month of the year- you should better go see the flowers of Ponoare.


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