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Who has not heard of Cucuteni probably was not a big fan of history. Well, the town that named the famous Stone Age culture has not only the discoveries from that time to boast about, but also a myriad of attractions that can bring here the people interested in history and culture, but also the ones practicing the medical tourism.


Cucuteni Commune in Iasi County, located between Iasi and Pascani, but 8 km from Targu Frumos and 5 from Băiceni as well, is easily accessible from the National Road 28 A and the National Road 28 B. However the highway you enter on is not one of best and, depending on the period in which you visit the commune, there are many holes in it, being even unpaved partly.


As it is, the path leads to one of the most impressive museums in Romania – Cucuteni Archaeological Museum, which we can say represents a true experience for everyone, not just for those interested in history. Moreover, it is something unique in Romania.


Placed on top of the Gosan Hill, separated from the town, the building impresses you at first sight. First, due to its odd shape, round at the base, the building has a roof that rises slowly, and then tapers abruptly into a multidimensional form. However the real impact is inside.


A true archaeological site with excavations, layers, fragments of walls and foundations uncovered to the eye, in a hole that descends a few meters long. There are impressive painted ceramics of Cucuteni culture, along with the remains of the settlement there, coexisting with the remains of Geto – Dacian settlement that followed, more consistent, which also left a royal treasure and a decorated tomb, all of which can be admired directly by tourists.


The medieval village, first attested in the Fifteenth Century, but probably much older, is not forgotten either, and it also has its own pieces inside.


Downwards from the museum, an exhibition of traditional wood sculpture is arranged. In the same room, there is another archaeological site, where pieces belonging to Cucuteni culture are dug up. A church from the year 1804 completes this true historic cultural treasure.


In the same locality, there are five springs of sulphur water, which can be used in the treatment of various diseases. A 4 hectares wide lake is still one of the attractions of this locality. So many things on such a small territory!  All in all, plenty for everyone’s taste.

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