Codrii de Aramă Reservation (Copper Forest Reservation)

Codrii de Arama
30 km Piatra Neamţ

Natural reservations

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We all remember the cooper woods and the roundelay of the silver forest of the Eminescu poetry. Well, this place exists and is situated in the Neamt county.


We are talking about the “Codrii de arama” Forest Reservation of the commune of Agapia.


With a surface of more than ten hectares, the reservation from the Filiorul  hill is situated at the height of more than 500 meters.


The oldest trees of the “Codrii de arama” Forest Reservation  have more than 135 years.


The tree that is met the most often is the Sessile Oak, one of them being more than a century old, so, from this appeared the idea of protection..


But the Sessile Oaks are not alone, in the reservation almost 300  plants species are protected.


And, as we have been saying at the beginning, here you find the Eminescu’ silver forest, where you can find the Birch, the White Tree, of a rare beauty and an age over a century.


“Padurea de argint” (the Silver Forest) is situated in the same commune of Agapia, but on a terrace of the Topolitei stream, still at more than 500 meters height. This second reservation is quite smaller, having only 2.4 hectares, but a walk through the whitish trunks let you without words  for the admiration of the nature spectacle.


The landscapes from the “Codrii de arama” Forest Reservation are recommended especially in autumn. You can see the sun playing through the trees leaves making the landscape seeming like a fairytale.


Over the trees crowns, the migrating birds go far to the West. The rust – coloured leaves falling down from the trees reach the ground where make a rustling carpet, with colours that seem unnatural.


You do not have to worry regarding the accommodation, because there are a lot of board and lodging in the Agapia commune, where the hosts are waiting for you with the open arms  and will offer you the comfort necessary to a recreation and health recovery vacation. You especially get rid of the stress in such a place full of fairytale and poetry.


The Agapia commune, where the two beauties of nature can be found, is well known for its trees. The main richness of the commune is the forest laying over thousands of hectares, quite half of the locality surface.


So, you will not regret if you will go to the “Codrii de arama” Forest Reservation and to the „Silver Forest”, places in which the Eminescu verses put them in the memory of every high school student: “ If through the copper woods you pass, the silver woods shine far away, There you will hear a thousand throats proclaim the forest’s roundelay”.

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