Keys of Sugau

Parcul Naţional Cheile Bicazului

Geomorphological elements

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Do you want to get away from the daily agitation and to spend a few days in the middle of the wild nature? Nothing more simple. You can go to the Keys of Sugau Reservation, a natural exceptional sit, belonging the Bicaz Keys National Park – Hasmas.


The Keys of Sugau is located in the commune of Bicaz-Chei, of the Neamt county, in the South part of the Munticelu Massif. Here you can arrive quite easily. You only have to take right on the road Bicaz-Piatra Neamt, at the edge of the Bicaz-Chei commune.


This reservation if formed of wild rocks having the form of a canyon. Maybe, the most interesting aspect is that along the 350 meters, as the keys are laying, you can admire many cascades.


The colossal rocks spectacle of this mountain area has determined the authorities to call the Sugau Keys Reservation “a site of community importance”.  Further more, the reservation shall be  integrated in the international network of protected areas “Natura 2000”.


If you arrive here, you will not regret it. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous and the calcareous formations of the Sugau Keys are considered unique in Europe. On the other hand,  here you can see a very varied flora and you can meet certain wild animals, such as, the chamois, the lynx, bats and the wild cat.


Besides you will see a mirific landscape you will not get bored. Here, you can go hiking  and also alpinism and you can climb, If you have other interests you can go in expeditions that imply scientific research, practical lessons of speleology, mountain and ecological education.


If you go to the Sugau Keys in the cold season, you will do a good choice because you will benefit of a gorgeous image. Do not forget that you will need a mountain equipment in order to get inside the canyon.


In the same reservation of Sugau Keys you can admire also the spectacular Tunnel  Cave. It goes on the crest of Piatra Glodului, that’s way the natives call it the Cave of Sura Glodului. It is about a tunnel  that the time has dug in the rock. Some stones detached from rock wall and made a mountain pass that is breathtaking .

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