Bicaz Keys

Parcul Naţional Cheile Bicazului

Geomorphological elements

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Gorgeous winding roads outlined in the mountains limestone, rocky massifs of an overwhelming beauty, absolutely splendid caves, hidden between the limestone walls of the rocks, streams with clear cold water, special flora and fauna. In a word, a dream landscape. Where can you see it? In the Bicaz Key, the connection between Transilvania and Moldavia and part of the Bicaz Keys National Park- Hasmas.


The Bicaz Keys are located in the central part of the Hasmas Mountains, passing through two counties: Neamt and Harghita. They are extremely spectacular when you are crossing them by car, through the rocks that seem falling down over the road.


The Bicaz stream, a water thread that you do not tking to be such powerful, it cut the keys in the rock, eroding the less hard limestone.


The Bicaz Keys are long, having eight kilometres and are situated between the Lacu Rosu resort (Red Lake Resort) and the Bicazu Ardelean village. DN 12 C goes along the keys, road that connects the city of Gheorgheni to Bicaz.


This monument of nature crossed by a national road is delimited at North and West by Suhardul Mare and South East by its brother, Suhardul Mic, both massifs having more than 1300 meters.


The whole passage through the Bicaz Keys is a delightful for the eyes, but difficult for drivers, consisting of winding roads again and again. In the limestone walls from the road side, you can find splendid caves, such as Pestera Neagra (the Black Cave)or the Pestera Cascada (the Cascade Cave).


On the same mountain line you can admire also the Piatra Altarului (Altar Stone)- a rocky massif of m 1,120 altitude, also Piatra Pintestilor (m 847) and Piatra Arsitei (m 835).


One of the rocks watching the Bicaz Keys have paths fit for experimented alpinists.


More, for the mountain loving tourists, there are paths that cross the keys. Also, you can go on trips with a guide to visit the local community or specialised hiking in order to observe the flora and fauna. In the cold season there is a program also for the winter sports fans (cross-country skiing, ski touring, walks with snow rackets).


This natural splendour is full of small traders of souvenirs. You can buy many beautiful thinks done by local Romanian and Hungarian handicraftsmen . We are talking about wickers, all made by natives but they are also selling kitsch and China stuff, spoiling all the beauty of the place.


During the year, the Bicaz Keys attract thousands of Romanian or foreign tourists that shall explore the natural beauties of our country.


You do not have to worry about the accommodation because there are a lot of boarding houses, for all tastes and all pockets. You can find them near the Bicaz Keys and Red Lake but also in the locality of Bicaz.


If you arrive to the Bicaz Keys, you can visit also other areas around. Any way you take, you will see also other nature’s beauties or even monasteries of the Neam county, of a major cultural importance but not only.


The Bicaz Keys is a mirific area that you do not have to miss, especially because it is accessible by car to any tourist.

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